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Mischief-Proofing Your PC

Microsoft’s comes with only some of the protection you’ll need

In promoting Windows Vista, Microsoft (MSFT) says its new operating system will help you have “a PC protected from viruses, worms, [and] spyware.” Alas, this statement is only partly true. Despite security improvements, Vista users, like those with Windows XP, need to run additional software to keep their PCs healthy and safe.

All operating systems—yes, even (AAPL) Mac OS X—have vulnerabilities. Moreover, the nature of the threat keeps changing. Instead of coming from maladjusted kids trying to make a point, security experts believe that most attacks these days are financially motivated efforts to steal data or take control of machines. And the old classification of threats as spyware, viruses, or worms has lost meaning as computer attacks have become multifaceted.

One consequence is that it no longer makes much sense to think in terms of a firewall to stop network intrusions, antispyware software to stop installations of nefarious software, and virus protection to block worms and viruses. Today’s blended threats call for a more comprehensive approach. Read more

OSA Editorial Comments:

Just like I posted the other day: I am more sure NOW than ever! After all the research was in, and the more I studied all major the differences between the overall operational uses and the internet online security protection provide with both! Because, of this head-to-head comparison of the two most popular computer systems, the PC’s vs. Macs, I believe my next system will be a MAC!!  

I for one am getting very tired of major players in the internet pretending that something like the new Vista platform is the answer and that just using alternatives such as: upgrades and patches will make it so we can make sure our computer is running safe again today. Great advice on Mischief-Proofing Your PC.
Your Online Security Authority
Bill Wardell


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