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MySpace isn’t mommy

A FEDERAL judge in Texas delivered an important message this week about the responsibilities of Web sites and their users, ruling that should not be penalized for an alleged sexual assault involving two people who met through the popular online service. Striking an appropriate balance, the decision doesnt give sites carte blanche to ignore the risks that minors face, yet it places the duty to protect them on the shoulders of their parents.

At the heart of the case are two teens: a 14-year-old girl and a 19-year-old community college student, whom authorities have indicted for sexual assault. The girl created a MySpace page when she was 13; to get around MySpaces requirement that members be at least 14, she claimed to be 18. The 19-year-old found her page and contacted her, claiming to be a high school senior. She told him she was a high school freshman. After several weeks they got together for dinner and a movie. The alleged sexual assault took place that night.

After the student was indicted, the girl and her mother sued MySpace and its deep-pocketed parent, claiming that the site was negligent in failing to protect the girl. Among other things, the plaintiffs blasted MySpace for not being able to verify that its users are at least 14 years old. State attorneys general also have pressed MySpace to exclude anyone younger than 16. Read more.

Jan. 18: The 13-year-old girl whose videotaped beating was posted on thought she was meeting another teenager to resolve a love triangle.

Shocking video teens ! See video here:

OSA Editorial Comments:

This shows why we have to be very smart when it comes to protect our children online and keeping them safe online from the threat of cyberbullies in a local highschool or on a predators new playground, the sandbox of MySpace!

Because a HS cyberbully is starting his or her jounery to a online life of crime and we have to teach our children the new rules of the old saying: “Don’t Candy From Strangers” especially when they are surfing online and the personal information they are giving out to strangers is the same as accepting candy from someone standing on a street corner near the playground….. and trust any and to go somewhere alone with them or to meet them in a park or mall!

Teach your children well so, that they can continue to the use internet for what it what meant to be and that is a Educational Tool for the betterment of mankind!

Your Online Security Authority
Bill Wardell

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