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MySpace: Social networking can be risky; Cops warn parents of MySpace risks

Predator watch
There are 983 registered members of MySpace within a 20-mile radius of Okeechobee and 3,000 within a 50-mile radius of town. The popular site has become a magnet to pedophiles and other unsavory characters who prey on the under-aged site members. Okeechobee News/Lorna Jablonski

Law enforcement agencies are attempting to educate parents and other concerned citizens of the risks involved with their children’s use of the highly popular internet site,

According to Detective Brad Stark of the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO), there are 983 registered members on within a 20-mile radius of Okeechobee and 3,000 within a 50-mile radius of town. With 117 registered sex offenders and predators living in Okeechobee, it is impossible to know how many, if any at all, are registered with MySpace under fictitious names. Read

MySpace is a website that offers an interactive, user-submitted network with personal profiles, , groups, photos, music and videos. It also has an internal search engine and an internal e-mail system.

The website, according to, is currently ranked as the sixth most popular English-language website in the world and the third most popular website in the United States. It reportedly has a members ranging from 50 million to 154 million.

The site was allegedly created by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson in July 2003. The exact origin of the site has recently been under dispute. It was also partly owned by Intermix Media, which was purchased by News Corporation, the parent company of Fox Broadcasting and other media enterprises, in July 2005.

OSA Editorial Comments:

We have to start now to Protect Your Child from Internet Predators talk to your children has to be the first course of action! if we are going stop them in the future on MySpace or anywhere online Predators hide out! If we can’t catch them and punish for there crimes, how do we even stand a chance protecting our children.

We need to start making the  &  pay with real punishment or real jail time! And we need to begin to say: “enough is enough” or scream out from the rooftops that
“Were not going to Take IT Anymore!!” 

Your Online Security Authority
Bill Wardell

OSA Socializer

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