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OSA’s Brand New Top 10 Lists on Online Security Issues for 2010

The world can be a dangerous place. It is often scary to allow our kids the freedom to venture out and spread their wings when we, as adults, know all too well the dangers that exist out there. But, in the end, your kids are going to be kids and there is a certain amount of risk involved in everything. All you can really do is teach them the best you can and trust them to make the right decisions and avoid trouble where possible.

Of course, in real life, it is fairly easy to keep an eye on them and step in whenever trouble arises. What scares many parents much more than the real world is the cyber world. The internet.

On the internet children can be exposed to all sorts of dangers and it is often very difficult to know when, where or in what form these dangers will come. You don’t want to be constantly hovering over your child’s (911 – pos) shoulder, intruding on their privacy, ut you also want to make sure that they are making the right decisions in their online activities.

Well, the truth is, just like in real life, the best we can do is supply them with the information and trust them to make the right choices. In order to do this, though, it is important that you know the dangers kids face these days on the internet so that you can discuss them and prepare your kids for the moment when they will have to actally make the right decisions.

Top 10

To keep you up to date on the threats kids face these days here is OSA’s Brand New Top 10 Lists on Online Security Issues for 2010. Read the threats and each of the related articles and you will have a much better idea of where to start in discussing with your kids the dangers of today’s cyber world.

  1. 1. Human Trafficking and Slavery – Its not a thing of the past. Slavery is still widespread today and the internet is one of the tools traffickers utilize to secure their goods.
  2. 2. Cyberbullying – No body likes being bullied. And these days, cyber-bullying can be even more painful than bullying in its traditional form.
  3. 3. Sexting – Love can lead kids to make some really bad decisions. Sexting is one of the more recent examples of love clouding good judgment in teens. [Read about Sexting]
  4. 4. Sexual Predators – The internet is the sexual predators perfect habitat.
  5. 5. Dangerous Teen Trends – Kids do some crazy things. Those crazy things can become incredibly dangerous when promoted by their peers.
  6. 6. Trojans and Malware – With the amount of files people download these days, how to spot trojans is something everyone needs to know.
  7. 7. Drug Abuse – Drug abuse has been a teen problem for years.
  8. 8. Child Pornography – it is often seen as a taboo subject but it is important to bring problems into the light in order to confront them.
  9. 9. Social Networking Dangers – Social networks can be a lot of fun for your teen. However, as with any online tool, there are always dangers that need to be recognized and avoided.
  10. 10. Hate Groups – The number one recruitment tool for hate groups is the internet. There is no better forum for their propaganda.

As dangerous as the internet can be it is also a great way to spread valuable information. Tell others about these topics. Give them a link and let them learn about the dangers themselves. Do further research on all these topics for yourself. Discuss everything you learn with your friends and family.

Remember the more informed people there are out there, the fewer victims these internet dangers can claim. Help to spread the information.

Also, if you have not seen our first series Top 10 Ways List… Go Now The Best 30 Of The Top 10 Ways

As Always Be Safe Online, and if you find you have topic’s or ideas on other subjects that you would like us to investigate or create a list please email us our use our contact form.

Thanks for all the support and please Learn IT, Teach IT, Share IT…

Your Online Security Authority

Bill Wardell

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