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Why Are We As People So Trusting?

I was reading an article on the Keeping Our Children Safe website and they related part of the story “A Street Car Named Desire” and compared it to how we depend on the kindness of strangers, even in today’s online cyber world.

Decades ago, our parents and grandparents warned us about strangers, and Don’t Take Candy From Strangers, yet today, the candy is different. We leave our children to play online in a world much more dangerous than the real life world we grew up in. There are so many ways that children stumble into online dark alleys, and places that are seemingly harmless until someone is adversely affected.

This quote is taken from the post I spoke of earlier, on Keeping Our Children Safe: “From the statistics we see today about how many victims there are of cyberspace, from bullying, to actual physical assault; there is a common thread to all of this: with rare exceptions, people are very likely to trust strangers with their information.”

We need to find safe alternatives for our children regarding their social networking communities and/or we need to be online with them while they are in these social communities, and while surfing the internet.

For more information on Keeping Our Children Safe, visit their website.

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