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Newsday Staff Writer 

You or I might get a little tense if we sat down for a job interview and the manager said: “Hey — let’s look you up online.”

Just what might be lurking out there connected to our names? A goofy YouTube video from spring break? An X-rated rant posted to a friend’s blog?

Shaun Kimmel had no such angst in his recent job interview with a major consulting firm based in Manhattan. That’s because Kimmel, who Googles himself regularly, had created a career Web site including his resume, personal bio and photos depicting him as professional — yet someone who would be fun to work with.

And that’s exactly what popped up when the interviewer did a Web search of Kimmel’s name. The interviewer was impressed. And Kimmel — certainly for reasons in addition to his Web preparation — got a job as a data management group associate. Read more.

OSA Editorial Comments: Here is what one of our OSA-Elite members had to say, he offered this advice recently in the testimonials section on this site:

“You also might want to point out that more and more employers are looking for a mySpace account to screen potential employees. So anything that is out there on the Internet should be considered public.”

Todd Sieland-Peterson GA, USA

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Bill Wardell

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