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Review Me

What a great idea for a creating a win-win situation for promoting a service or website reviews used as an promotional tool where you bring advertisers and bloggers together by giving them both a place to share their thoughts critiques about each other websites this is a very smart idea. I look forward to see what others have to say about the sites that I submitted and I am excited to give my reviews of others sites of interest. The fact that they have made it so you can get paid for your reviews and thoughts on others websites and you get back links to also promote your blogs the is a win-win for everyone.

The fact that you can see ads that are reviews it makes the process more palatable for the average reader because they are not bombarded with in your face advertising or the normal way of advertising that is banner ads and text ads. This system uses a smarter process of recommendation and rating a website that gives the impression of a neutral way of looking at or an un-bias way of promoting a website or service.

I would highly recommend this service to fellow bloggers and webmasters to use on the websites or use the service to help promote there own services or promote others on there website.

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