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Survey: consumers donít understand online security

By Alex Zaharov-Reutt, Tuesday, 02 October 2007

A new survey by the NCSA and shows just how vulnerable most computer owners are, as the majority who believe themselves protected by security software actually discover they are instead woefully underprotected!

The NCSA, or National Cyber Security Allance at StaySafeOnline.Org, and global IT security player McAfee have joined forces to release a startling report (PDF) on the state of security on US consumersí computers.

Called the McAfee/NCSA Online Safety Study, the report opens with ďThink Your Home Computer Is Safe? Think AgainĒ.

The report shows that people believe the security of their computer and Internet connection is important, but that people arenít doing anywhere near enough to ensure that they continue to stay protected, by ensuring automatic updates occur for the , installed software and the relevant security programs, that updates are paid for each year to be running the very latest version, and by investigating new security programs that appear on the market and using them in addition to everything else if warranted.

The full results are included in the link above, and the report itself makes for very interesting reading, but there is some standout info that must be shared.

The report starts out by saying that 87% of survey respondents believed they had software, 73% believed they had a firewall and 70% thought they had anti-spyware software. Read the rest here>Click<Thoughts on Security

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