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The A.M.A. Gets Under Your Skin

By Barnaby J. Feder | June 27, 2007,  7:51 pm 

On Monday, the delegates to the annual meeting in Chicago of the American Medical Association AMA endorsed what could only be described as a cautious committee report on the role of implanted in patient care. The three recommendations were that doctors make sure that they get informed consent from patients before using such tags, they they not program any medical information into them without making sure it would be as secure as normal medical records, and that they support research into uses of the devices.

Most notably, the report said that the devices had not been proven safe and effective. You would never know that though from the press release issued today by , the Delray Beach, Fla., producer of a rice grain-sized radio tag implanted in the arm that allows doctors to link patients to their medical records.

VeriChip said that the release would “enhance its marketing efforts.” Read more.

OSA Editorial Comments: RFID, Just say NO!

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