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The Great Vista/Mac Showdown: Mac migration a breeze, Vista’s migration is a headache

In the first head-to-head comparison of trying to accomplish a task with Mac OS and Vista in this series, the new Windows operating system fell flat on its face. Migrating from an installation was halted by repeated failures of the Windows Easy Transfer application when used with a network connection and a so-called Easy Transfer Cable ($49) from Belkin, which was useless). I finally gave up and used Lenovo’s System Migration Assistant.It took almost a full day to successfully move 5.6GB of user settings and documents to a Vista system. The Mac, by contrast, took less than an hour for migration of 60+GB worth of user settings, documents, and, unlike the Windows utility, the moving of applications from an existing Mac OS X install to a new one. The Mac is ready to go, except for the need to reinstall two Missing Sync for application components, a couple of repairs to Parallels, the virtual machine enabling software from Parallels Desktop Software, and entering serial numbers when I launch applications for the first time on the new system—it has saved me hours of feeding discs into the system. Vista remains largely unready to use, because I still have to install all my application software on the new system.

Given that Windows systems depend so heavily on application software to add functionality, it is a mystery to me why migration of applications would not be a keystone of acceptable user experience for the Vista Windows Easy Transfer application. Ah! But the problem is that Microsoft doesn’t really want you to move your applications. Instead, it wants you to buy new ones from Microsoft, so none of the tools in the OS make it easy to move an existing installation (you can move application settings, but not the applications themselves). Really bad user experience.

I’ve assembled the two transfer processes into a pair of image gallery time lines, so you can compare the number of steps.

OSA Editorial Comments:

After all the research was in, and the more I studied all major the differences between the overall operational uses and the internet online security protection provide with both! Because, of this head-to-head comparison of the two most popular computer systems, the PC’s vs. Macs, I believe my next system will be a MAC!!  

I for one am getting very tired of major players in the internet pretending that something like the new Vista platform is the answer and that just using alternatives such as: upgrades and patches will make it so we can make sure our computer is running safe again today.

Well it’s not enough!!Especially when the Windows platform is having so many problems just like every other upgrade over the past few years, since the early days it’s always about, it’s the users responsibility to safeguard their computers. Until we start changing the Cyber Laws, were are never going to change a thing.  

If we don’t start making the Cyber Criminals pay with real punishment or real jail time, and until we start to say: “enough is enough” or scream out from the rooftops that “Were not going to Take IT Anymore!!”

We as an Internet family have to band together and force politicians, the Federal Government, and International leaders to make changes in how we treat Cyber Criminals.

If we don’t start NOW! Then nothing is ever going to change and it’s only going to make it easier for the common cyber criminal to commit crimes against us! And invade our which, becomes harder and harder to protect your ID, day after day, and now it seems more and more like it’s a world wide conspiracy being perpetrated, against you and I “US” the (Consumer), and when do nothing that’s when we all truly become Victims!

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Your Online Security Authority
Bill Wardell

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