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Top 10 Child Pornography Facts

There are few subjects that can stir up the feelings of revolt, disgust and anger that are brought about by the topic of child pornography. For the most part, we, as human beings, feel extremely protective towards children, even those who aren’t our own. We can barely stand to think of people harming anything so helpless and trusting as a child. We simply want to put it out of our minds. But there is a danger in doing this.

Because of the revolting nature of topics such as child pornography the activities are able to enjoy a certain amount of anonymity. When we don’t talk about these issues, and instead push them from our minds, we end up pretending that they aren’t part of the world we live in. This leads to a lot fewer people actively working to confront the issue. Problems like child pornography are then subjects that are relegated to a secondary level of importance.

The reality is, to anyone who is or has been a victim of child pornographers, the problem is more important than you could ever possibly imagine.

Here are ten facts relating to child pornography. Share them with people you know to help bring the issue of child pornography into the spotlight where it can get all the attention such a horrific practice deserves.

1. It is a federal crime to knowingly possess, manufacture, distribute, or access with intent to view child pornography.

2. Child pornography renews feelings of guilt, shame, fear and self-hate in the victims of childhood sexual assault.

3. Child pornography encourages adults who would sexually abuse children to act on  desires they may have found ways to otherwise control.

4. Recent reports from law enforcement authorities show that 42% of child pornography victims are pubescent, 52% are prepubescent, and 6% are infants or toddlers.

5. Sexual predators often use child pornography in the commission of sexual abuse crimes as a tool to groom their victims.

6. Child pornographers are often participants in the human trafficking or slavery business.

7. Child pornography is a major business online and generates large amounts of money for pornographers.

8. There are 116,000 Gnutella (the most popular file sharing network on the internet) “child pornography” requests every day.

9. There are over 100,000 websites offering illegal child pornography on the internet today.

10. Many children’s character names, such as Pokemon, are linked to thousands of internet porn sites.

The more we, as a society, discuss these issues the harder it is for the perpetrators of these crimes to continue. Make sure you also take the time to discuss these issues with your children and teach them how to avoid falling victim to sexual predators.

Though such topics may ber difficult to discuss with children, educating them against predators and the tactics they use is the number one way to help ensure your child does not become a victim.

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