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Twitter, Facebook, Hackers, Crackers-n-Jackers… oh MY!!

With yesterdays major HACKs… Twitter, Facebook and the online world we’re all too aware of each of our own, vulnerabilities!!

Take my advice with a grain of salt!!

Because the opening a hacker needs to access everything they need know to steal our ID’s, to stalk and groom your children, to use your credit cards or banking accounts illegally for online purchases and ship those products to anywhere in the world… is a million times smaller than a grain of salt!

Read the full story, as the reported on it, Twitter and Facebook Recover From Attacks…

As this story unfolded and I was left all day without access to some of my favorite social networks and worse yet the tools and 3rd party apps I use, along with millions of other users experiencing those same problems… if large companies, major corporation can have these kinds of attacks, what makes us think we are not just as vulnerable even more so, because we assume we are protected… oh MY!!! You better think again, if you not protecting your internet connections with every possible tool at your disposal, then you’re part problem… not part of the solution!!

…and if you don’t think it’s that easy then you need to read this story: Take a look at this latest story, about: Hackers

YouTube videos, Google searches offer a glimpse into “the private mind of a mass murderer.”

this is a great insight to what hacker can and can not do with or with out our help… put into place the simple security measures and protect you and your family, today!

Thanks for all your support,

Bill Wardell

Your Online Security Authority

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  2. By Online Banking on Aug 7, 2009 | Reply

    Facebook has shown responsibility in disabling fake accounts. Online Banking

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