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Web 2.0 and the Law of TANSTAAFL

TIME magazine has proclaimed their person of the year as ďYOUĒ meaning the rise of user generated social networks that are the backbone of Web 2.0. The proclamation has been seeing the gamut of responses from the real founders of Web 2.0 – the citizen journalists; and just as with main stream media they are either gushing over the award or in the words of Darren (problogger)

While I think itís a great award (you/we) have been a part of a massive shift) I think itís also a brilliant Linkbait strategy (planned or unplanned). Can you imagine the inbound links this is going to create for Time?!? Every user generated content maker is going to be linking to this one! :-)

Sure itís nice to see that the you of user generated work is getting recognition; even in a round about way, but what it is also saying is that it is okay to make million dollar fortunes off of the work of other people and not have to compensate them.

Robert Heinlein first coined the word Ďgrokí in Stranger in a Strange Land and is probably one of his more well known coinages; but in the Moon is a Harsh Mistress he also coined the acronym TANSTAAFL – There Ainít No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. This law was proven back in the í90s with the crash of the dotcom boom!

OSA Editorial Comments:

Well, if I am one of the winners where is my prize? or at least a little prize money! :-)

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