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What does TutorVista do for the safety of children in an online environment?

TutorVista supports the National Research Council of the National Council for the Sciences findings that media literacy and online safety lessons are key to ensuring children’s , and smart business practices, consumer decisions and parental involvement are crucial elements.  takes a multi-tiered approach to ensure the well-being of all students and tutors and create a safer environment for online learning.

TutorVista’s approach includes:

  • Providing employed tutors rather than a tutor exchange
  • Verifying tutors qualifications and background
  • Monitoring student-tutor exchanges
  • Providing tools for parents and students to record all sessions and tutor-student interactions for use as a study tool for future review and to allow parents to watch their children’s tutoring sessions to better understand what students are learning
  • Encouraging parents’ involvement in their children’s education
  • Recommending that all TutorVista and tutor-student interactions occur within a parent-monitored e-mail address

 OSA Editorial Comments:

It looks like all your tutoring needs can be met by using this wonderful service and it has many outlets and programs to choose from. I believe this would be a great choice for anyone wanting to enroll there children into a program that will help with all aspects of their

I highly recommend checking out the website: TutorVista

and for getting more additional information, visit the following sites:                        


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  2. By Greg on Aug 7, 2007 | Reply

    I think Quintura Kids would perfectly continue your list of safe resources.

  3. By Ganesh on Aug 19, 2007 | Reply

    I'd like to compare this against other tutoring sites, such as Vie-Nova, Tutoring, School Trainer, Tutor Easy and Tutor Next. Do you have any comparative data on this?

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