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Dangerous Drugs and Their Availability on the Web: Part I

Dangerous Drugs and Their Availability on the Web | Part I | Part II | Part III |

Only until a few years ago, teens who were curious about experimenting with drugs had to wait until someone offered them drugs. It was almost impossible for you to go out searching for drugs, yet with the Internet that has now become a reality. The fact is, almost any type of drug can be purchased online, from Cocaine to Viagra. Parents need to realize that teens have easy access to drugs. Parents need to talk to their children to alert them of the increased dangers of drugs purchased online.

A simple google search for “buy marijuana online” comes up with a plethora of websites selling potto anyone with a credit card. Every single website that sells online drugs will claim to be 100% legal and safe, but then again who in their right mind would trust an online (and illegal) drug dealer? Online dealers will say what their customers want to hear so they can justify their purchases. Teens must be aware of this, as they can be somewhat gullible especially when they are experimenting with drugs for the first time.

Some drugs sold online are actually legal, including a new popular drug amongst teens called Salvia as well as an herbal form of Ecstasy that produces the same results with a legal herbal mixture. Also, many online drug dealers are from foreign countries, so they don’t have to pay attention to U.S. laws. This can make teens believe that they are doing nothing wrong, however they are putting themselves in more danger by experimenting with new drugs that come from foreign places. Most foreign countries, especially China and Thailand, produce designer drugs which are modified forms of drugs that are legal simply because the legislation process is too slow and cannot keep up with all the new drug compounds.

It is far too easy nowadays for any teen looking to spice up a party to go online and buy some pills for his friends. Make sure your kids know the increased dangers of taking these pills purchased from foreign drug dealers. They should already know the risks associated with local drug dealers and gateway drugs, but it is also important for them to recognize the increased dangers with the new designer drugs.

Some warning signs for parents who might have a child struggling with drugs can be:

• Your child has changed their group of friends and hasn’t told you about them, nor will they allow you to meet them. You might also notice a change in appearance and/or attitude.
• Your child steals money from you, including your credit card to make purchases online. (Make sure you keep close track of your money to see if any unexplained charges come up.)
• Your teenager has become more secretive and they want more privacy.
• Your child loses interest in their old hobbies and activities and their grades drop

There are many other signs to watch out for, but the best tool is constant communication. Make sure you are available to talk with your child and make sure they know you care about them and their life. If they trust you they are much more willing to tell you about something they may have done or have been offered.

It is very hard for parents to control their children’s lives, especially their online activities. Therefore, constant but not pervasive monitoring of your children’s social activities is a must. If necessary, download a software that tracks the internet usage of your teen so you can check to see what websites they are visiting. No matter what you do however, there is a possibility that your child might encounter these online drugs. The best way to prevent any future problems is to make sure they are educated about the dangers. If they respect and trust you you can be confident that they won’t cause or create any problems.

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