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Dangerous Drugs and Their Availability on the Web: Part III

Dangerous Drugs and Their Availability on the Web | Part I | Part II | Part III |

In part 3 of the Dangerous Drugs and Their Availability on the Web, we will review some of the previously mentioned techniques on how to help your kids stay away from drugs as well as introduce a few other suggestions as to how you can help your kids avoid buying and learning about drugs online.

The Top 7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Drug-Free Online

    1. The best thing you can do is to talk to your kids. When they know what you expect of them they are much more likely to avoid buying drugs on the Internet. Kids need to have your trust and respect, and when they do they are less likely to get involved in drugs. Make sure you explain to them why getting drugs online is twice as worse as buying drugs locally, due to the fact that they come from foreign places.
    2. Monitor their online activity. Keep in mind that kids know how to make sure their parents don’t find out what they are doing online if they are up to something so it may be difficult but it is possible. Also, check their browsing history on their cellphones too. Many computers offer parental controls that are already built in so you can easily track what they are doing and who they are talking with.
    3. Computer usage and location. Keep the computers in public locations. If possible, make the home computer a desktop computer and not a laptop so your kids can’t take it with them and access the internet in their bedrooms. Giving your children a set time allowance will make them be more productive and will prevent them from spending hours on end surfing the web. Some computers come with parental controls that let you limit the time your child is on the computer but others may require special software.
    4. Monitor your credit card and prescription drug inventory. Make sure you know where every purchase is from, this will easily let you tell if your child is using your credit card to buy drugs online. If you child has his or her own credit card, make sure their account is linked to yours so you too can monitor their purchases online. Another important thing is to keep an inventory if the prescription drugs you have in the home. These usually are where kids start getting their drugs, then when the supply runs out they go to online pharmacies which can be much more dangerous. Keeping a detailed inventory of your medicine may be time consuming and seem not worthwhile but it could mean life or death for your children.
    5. Install filters on the computer. Filters can prevent certain websites and content. So if your child searches for online prescription drugs, they are blocked from viewing the results and they can go no further. These can be a headache as they sometimes block normal websites so you may have to grant permission occasionally to websites that are safe for viewing. Filters can however be an effective tool in keeping your kids drug-free online.
    6. Help your kids to be active. When your child sits at home all day the chances of them finding or searching for material online about drugs goes up. Help your teen get a job or sign them up for a summer camp. When your child is involved they are much less likely to spend their free time messing around with drugs. Limiting the amount of time on the computer will make them seek out other forms of entertainment.
    7. Watch for suspicious packages with no labels, also watch for capsules that contain clumpy white powder. Many will be made in China or Thailand, look for any foreignness. Make sure you are the one to pick up the mail and packages, if your kid is waiting for something have them open it up with you.

There are many techniques for you to keep your kids off drugs and away from websites where they can learn more about and buy them. They won’t be easy to implement but they are definitely worth the time and effort. The ease and availability of getting drugs has gone way up because of the internet, and so parents also have to step up their awareness and monitoring of their children’s activities. Good luck, and happy parenting!

About the Author: Parker Boyack is a writer for My Colleges and Careers helps people determine if an online education is right for them and helps them search for online degrees that can help them reach their goals.

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