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Holidaying In Turkey While Keeping In Touch With Home

Turkey will feature in a lot of peopleís holiday plans this summer. Not only it is a largely unspoilt and beautiful country with many fantastic historical sites and a plethora of stunning beaches, but it’s also attractive to many UK visitors due to it being a relative inexpensive country, compared to many other established European destinations.

Although Turkey is a member of the EU, it has not adopted the Euro as its currency, just like the UK. So, the severe hike in prices seen across the Euro zone, due to the strength of the Euro relative to the British pound has not applied to Turkey, making it even more appealing for holidaymakers.

With a host of stunning resorts to choose from across the country holidaymakers will be snapping up last minute breaks in Turkey at the expense of popular Mediterranean resorts throughout Spain, Portugal and Greece. In the past going to such a destination as Turkey would have meant losing touch with everyone at home until you returned from your holiday, but that is no longer the case.

If you have family or friends living or holidaying in Turkey it has never been easier to keep in touch. Although it still costs a significant amount to call during the day using a standard landline, the internet makes it possible to place cheap calls to Turkey at any time of day or night. In addition, you can call landlines or mobiles direct from your computer using specialist software provided for free by a number of companies.

With some internet phone companies it is possible to pay a relatively low monthly subscription and get an unlimited number of call minutes to qualifying countries, with the additional option to set up your computer with a phone number in one or more different countries. This means that friends, family or colleagues living in that country can contact you at their normal rates from their phone rather than paying for an international call.

Additionally, if you canít connect a phone call for whatever reason, it is possible to use messenger software to stay in touch if the person you are trying to contact in Turkey has a mobile phone. This can be done without the need for them to have WiFi or 3G and at local call rates on a normal mobile network.

So, if you or someone you know lives in or is going on holiday to Turkey there is no excuse to not keep in touch via whatever method you prefer.

Daniel Collins writes on a number of topics on behalf of a digital marketing agency and a variety of clients. As such, this article is to be considered a professional piece with business interests in mind.

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