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Is ADHD Therapy A Realistic Solution For Children With ADHD?

When we talk about ADHD therapy, we usually mean some sort of psychological intervention or behaviour modification which is going to affect the child’s behaviour. We should not leave the parent out because while learning these techniques, the parents will also be changing their behaviour as well. If ADHD therapy is successful, there will be fewer clashes and less aggression all round. When looking for parenting resources most people are convinced that medication is sufficient, but it is not!

ADHD medications are now regarded with some suspicion and researchers have shown that after the first fourteen months of treatment, the benefits gained will most likely be lost. In the long term, medications which are based on psychostimulants (usually an amphetamine type drug), anti-depressants or even high blood pressure medicine, all have severe side effects and are risky for some children’s health. In fact, now experts tell us that without some ADHD therapy, any marginal benefits will be lost and the child will never learn appropriate behaviour and may be at risk of dropping out at school, driving accidents and substance abuse. Parenting resources for ADHD will now include advice on behaviour modification, how and where to get help.

Parents look to homeopathic remedies now for ADHD as the side effects are simply non-existent and there are no health risks either! Children on homeopathic medicine over a period of two months displayed far
fewer of the classic ADHD symptoms such as mood swings, distractability and impulsive behaviour. The most effective ingredients were Tuberculinum which reduces irritability and Verta Alb which kept children much calmer. As someone once remarked, you cannot do ADHD therapy with a child who is bouncing off the walls and will not even listen to you ! Arsen Iod was great in reducing the number and intensity of temper tantrums. Hyoscamus was found to work well with hyperactive children.

It is difficult to believe that only twenty five years ago, many parents were convinced that children would outgrow ADHD by the age of twelve ! Many adults themselves were totally unaware that they could have ADHD and discovered it only when their own children were diagnosed. The best possible ADHD therapy in the third millennium is to follow an ADHD behaviour therapy study course and try a homeopathic remedy while doing that.

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover how ADHD behavioral therapy can change your life.

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