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10 Signs that your Online Friend is a Pervert

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Friend or Fiend? 10 Signs that Your Online Friend is a Pervert

If you like playing tricks, being anonymous or pretending to be someone else, the internet can be your own, private playground. This is why people have screen names that have nothing to do with their given names and even use avatars, their virtual equivalent in a virtual world. Although these are usually fun and harmless activities, they also present a twisted opportunity for individuals with less-than-noble intentions. Perverts and online child sex predators, for example, frequently use these methods to find their victims. So if you’re having some second thoughts about your new chat mate, consider these 10 signs that your online friend just might be a pervert:

1. He knows he’s dealing with a child but he continues to communicate with you anyway.

You already told him your age and he is aware that you are young enough to be his child or even grandchild. And yet, he insists on communicating with you, under the pretext that he finds you interesting or that he wants to help you.

2. He focuses too much on your emotions.
Online perverts know that giving attention to sad, lonely or attention-craving kids can be an irresistible lure. In fact, they will often prey on emotionally needy children and young adolescents.

Although they might try to win your confidence by discussing the latest trends, music and fashion, they will gradually shift to other topics, especially those that have something to do with your feelings.

3. He asks you about your clothing.
Another sign that your online friend might be a pervert is that he likes to ask you about what you’re wearing. He will then proceed by insisting that you describe your clothes in detail, particularly your underwear.

4. He sends .
An online pervert wants to open your mind to the possibility of sex, so sending you sexually suggestive or even graphic images or videos is just part of his game. He is hoping that if you see the pictures, you will find them interesting and be titillated by them. If and when this happens, you will become more and more receptive to sexual advances from him.

5. He references body parts.
If your online friend is a , he will start referring to his or your body parts. The questions or statements will seem harmless enough, such as, ‘I have a hairy chest and stomach. Do you like hair? Do you have hair? Where? However, for individuals who have never met, these questions are downright inappropriate and if he is an adult asking a child, it is wrong and unacceptable.

6. He tells you about dirty movies or books.
As part of his plan to seduce you and spark your interest in sex, he will be telling you about pornographic movies he has seen or erotic books he has read. He will be focusing on the sexual parts, of course and ask you what you think or if you’ve ever seen or read pornographic or erotic material.

7. He talks to you about sex and asks what you feel about it.
Some online perverts cut to the chase, so to speak, preferring to approach their intended victims sexually the first time around. These are the types who prefer to work faster and will engage in sexually suggestive or even explicit conversations right away.

8. He asks you if you would like to have sex with him.
Another sign that your online friend is a pervert is that he will venture the possibility of you having with him. He doesn’t care how old you are or where you live because he’s more than willing to work out a compromise or solution. His objective is to get to you in the fastest and safest way possible, never mind that what he intends to do is against the law.

9. He sends you presents and love letters.
As part of the ‘grooming’ technique that online perverts use, your friend might try to win your favor by sending you gifts and court you by writing you notes professing his love. It’s his way to try to appeal to your need to have attention and care, even if he doesn’t really mean what he says.

10. He tells you he loves you when he doesn’t even know you.
He will tell you that he cares about you, misses you, wishes you were with him, even lament the distance between your house and his. He might even tell you that you’re the only one for him and that he wants to marry you, just so you will believe him and want to be with him, regardless of the consequences.

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  1. 2 Comment(s)

  2. By lauren on May 19, 2008 | Reply

    im 15 and i have found lots and lots of older men have been adding me asking me questions like ‘[b] … Adie Laa … “I just need you, all or nothing” [/b] says:
    fancy entertainin on webcam’
    i say no and they begin to say things getting violent ive mannaged to get rid of some of them but others begin to pester more and more and as a 15 year old i can understand why perents are worried about there children being online and talking to people they dont know and in some cases people that the do know…

  3. By sarah on Sep 24, 2008 | Reply

    i have come in many cose cases with these and im only 12 i have met 2 online pervs who claimed they loved me and wntd to hv sex with me wen i tld thm tht i believed in purity until marraige they said once i tried sex i wldntwnt to wait until i was married wen i made it clear that they wernt goin to get suggestive photos and i wldnt hav sex with thm they started stalkin me and followd me to my house school evrywere one day wen they followed me homw from school i was home alone he broke in though my bedroom window n raped me stealing my virginity and giving me a child tht i still care for to this day both of these guys wer minors and im not goin to give out their names but they r both in jail thnks to my hero my current bf who got thm arrested but thts not the point the point is i always thought that will never happen to me and thts when it did i am living truth to this fear i warn you all stay off chat rooms and people who u dnt know for sure in person bc if u thnk this wnt happen to you it will

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