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10 Simple Tips to Avoid Letting Your Kids Fall into the Trap of Online Predators

The Internet is a wonderful invention because it makes all our lives easier. We get to shop, communicate, and do business with anybody anywhere in the world. However, the Net has also made the life of and easier. Therefore, as parents, we need to do our best so that our kids can full advantage of the Net and at the same time protect them from bad elements that are prowling the cyber world and waiting for their next victim.

If you don’t know what to do to safeguard your child’s safety from bad elements on the Net, read on the tips below:

Be On The Know

According to a famous cartoon series in the 80s, Knowing Is Winning Half The Battle. It is true. If you want to protect your child from online sexual predators and other fraudsters, you need to know about the Internet, what sites kids frequent and other things that might interest the youth of today.

Many sexual offenders and unscrupulous individuals do extensive research on the Web and what kids like and do not like. They may actually know your kids better than you do. So if you want to protect your kids from these types of wily people, you need to beat them in their own game.

Look For Resources And Groups That Can Help You With Your Cause

If you want to succeed in from cyber predators, you need as much help as you can get. Seek help from organizations and groups whose objective or aim is Internet safety for kids. Visit their websites or participate in their campaign so you will have all the knowledge and tools to guide and protect your children.

Talk With Your Kids About Internet Safety

As soon as you buy a computer and subscribe for an Internet connection, you need to teach your kids about Internet safety. Failing to do so is just like allowing your child to enter the lion’s den.

It would be best to ask them to team up with you in protecting your family’s identity and privacy. This way, they will feel responsible not only for themselves but also for the whole family as well. They will be warned that personal information they give to people and friends they meet online might cause harm to the whole family.

Impose Rules Regarding Internet Use and Meeting Online Friends

After talking to them about Internet safety, you now need to follow it up with imposing rules. Do not make harsh or very strict rules because they might get rebellious and they may feel that you don’t trust them. Ensure that the rules you impose are reasonable. Explain to them the reason why you are imposing such rules.

According to a study conducted by Media Awareness Network in 2005, imposing a rule regarding meeting online friends prevents such incident from happening by 50%. It is good to know that many children still listen to their parents.

Put Computer In The Common Area

To make it harder for online predators to send sexually explicit materials or converse with your children inappropriately, you have to place the computer in the common room, where it would be easier for you to monitor your kids Internet activities. If you put the computer in the children’s bedroom, you won’t be able to monitor them as much as you can.

Encourage Your Kids To Use Family E-mail Account

Set up a family email account and tell your kids to use it. It may be better if you are the one to teach your child to use the email to discourage them from setting up their own account.

Maintain Open Communications With Your Kids

Be open with your kids and ask questions about their friends, school and other activities. It really pays if you are genuinely interested in what they are saying. You know kids, once they feel that you are just asking to snoop around, they will get rebellious. Learn and setup rules for Keeping Our Children Safe!

Install Pertinent Software

There are software programs available on the market that can help parents monitor the computer use of their children. Although you may not be able to read their conversations, at least you will know what sites they visit, what files they are downloading, etc.

Seek Help From School And Other Parents

It is always advisable to seek the help of parents and teachers with regard to Internet safety of children. Since kids can access the computer at school and at their friends’ house, you need to ensure that these computers are safe and protected too.

Monitor Your Kids’ Internet Usage and Behavior

As mentioned earlier, you need to monitor your kids’ Internet usage. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the subtle changes in their behavior. Know the tell tale signs of how children who are being groomed by online sexual predators behave and interact with people. If you want the very best system on the planet to protect your children use Managed PC Security…

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  1. 2 Comment(s)

  2. By Lauren Ayers on Feb 12, 2008 | Reply

    The best way that parents can protect their kids online is to become as proficient as their kids on the Internet. Surveys find that most parents believe that they have spoken with their kids about online safety, but most kids say that their parents have no idea of what they do on the Internet. Even with repeated warnings, more than half of kids have given out personal information or met someone from an online contact.

  3. By Shannon on Apr 3, 2009 | Reply

    I think the most important tip you have mentioned is "to maintain open communications with one's child". Children and teens need to feel that they can let their parents know almost anything about their lives. Having open communications and maintaining a good relationship with your kid is a prerequisite that all parents should focus on.

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