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Candy from strangers

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Teen girls flash some skin on their “cam sites,” and fans shower them with gifts. Who’s exploiting whom?

By Katharine Mieszkowski

One of the favorite gifts that Charisma, 17, has gotten from a fan of her Web site was a “Fantasia” DVD trilogy. It was just what she wanted, because she’d asked for it on her wish list.

But that’s nothing compared to the loot that a fellow “” friend has raked in off of hers: “Somebody bought her a really nice digital camera, a graphing calculator and a $100 gift certificate,” Charisma says. Sheila, 18, got a new $129 webcam, while “Katneko,” 19, raked in teen reading classics like “Catcher in the Rye,” “Of Mice and Men,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” plus a Depeche Mode CD, a scanner and a $250 gift certificate to the site Fetish Factory.

The gifts came from total strangers and online friends alike, people the girls had gotten to know through their Web sites. Katneko’s younger sister, 15-year-old Brandi, was so impressed by all of the goodies arriving at their home from people the girls had never met in person that Brandi set up a personal page on her big sis’s site so she could beg for her own loot.

Read the rest of Brandi’s story.

Gifts - lurking predators

OSA Editorial Comments:

I guess in a day and age where anything goes, this shouldn’t surprise any of us!And, the fact is some of these girls have valid points! It’s there life and they can do what they want to…. BUT, these images and posts leave trails behind that last a life time and you may not think so now but it make a huge difference someday, for most of them!

Not to mention and pedophiles are always on the prowl for new victims, there will be a handful of these girls that do end as a victims, of all sorts of horrific acts of child abuse and slavery rings and/or worse….. it happens everyday to somebody’s son or daughter. You open the door for this to happen because of childlike actions and your careless disregard for common sense…

(Think before you Click) (Think before you Click)

(Think before you Click)

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