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Learning to Be Aware of Predators, Pedophiles and Other Potentially Threatening People, Part I

How to Detect a Villain: Part 1 | Part 2

The minds of predators and pedophiles have been the study of psychologists for decades, if not centuries. The most dangerous personality trait that they exhibit is possibly their ability to appear completely normal and sane. But outside appearance doesn’t always reflect the turmoil inside the mind. That is why we should always use caution when , both at home and away, and most especially if you have children. There are several things you can do, wherever you are, to be safer and more aware of those around you. This first part will discuss some general safety tips that everyone should know. Part 2 will discuss specific at home and abroad safety tips to be more aware of predators, pedophiles and other potential threats.

General Awareness Tips: Know Proper Safety Techniques

Hopefully, most adults are wise enough to recognize when there is an obviously threatening person nearby. But just in case you missed that part of your education, here are a few signs to look for in the behavior of someone who may be a predator: staring, stalking, getting close to you by trying to “help”, they can be very overly charming and very convincing.

Learning to recognize pedophiles requires understanding a bit more about their mental processes. Here are some common characteristics of known pedophiles: most pedophiles look like normal, friendly adults, they are very helpful and tend to be well-liked, they enjoy playing with kids and act like “big kids” themselves with difficulty transitioning into adult mode, they have few adult friends and prefer to spend time with children, they enjoy tickling and roughhouses with children. Pedophiles see children as their peers, and thus see “attraction” rather than “cuteness” when they look at children. As a parent, being aware of these signs may help you be more aware of the people you are allowing to be around your children.

Teach Children Proper Safety Techniques

Most parents do a decent job of warning their kids about potential predators by telling them not to talk to strangers. In general, this is a pretty good way to protect children, as long as this principle is thoroughly engrained in their minds. Teaching your children to recognize potential predators and pedophiles can be much more difficult simply because parents themselves don’t know what to look for. By becoming educated yourself, you will be able to keep an eye on your children’s activities as well as learn to teach them how to be more aware of their surroundings.

Learn basic self-defense techniques

Everyone should know basic self-defense techniques. Even children can benefit from knowing how to properly call for help and evade potential predators. Avoidance is the number one form of self-defense. Stay away from poorly lit areas and regularly change your routine. Another easy thing put into practice is knowing the right kind of call for help. Many people will scream in a high-pitched tone, but this may be a mistake. People who are simply being rowdy or are inebriated make the same sounds. Police hear screams like this, and it is nearly impossible to distinguish between true calls for help and those who are screaming for other reasons. The properly call for help, you need to use words that have a long vowel sound since they travel farther. Words such as “No”, “Stop” and “Help” are all good options because the sound carries and they represent a serious message.

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How to Detect a Villain: Learning to Be Aware of Predators, Pedophiles and Other Potentially Threatening People, Part 2

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