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Sometimes There IS Justice?

For a Tennessee family, maybe there can finally be some closure and maybe some Justice?

A good friend of mine that lives in the Nashville area was telling me about this story, and how awful it has been for the family, and that they broke the case with DNA that was from the original crime scene, and other old evidence… thank goodness for technology and the strides law enforcement has made to keep pursuing justice in the case!

Here is the full story, Marcia Trimble case you need to read this, because this happens every single day to hundreds if not thousand of families in the USA and around the world…

Don’t ever think it could not happen to you, or the ones you love, and in just a split second and how horrible to think you would have to spend the next almost 35 years, looking for clues, answers and justice for your child !!

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Trimble verdict closes a painful chapter in Nashville history

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