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Reverse Telephone Lookup You Be The Judge!

This is a pretty exiting age. There are a number of reasons for that. The population’s perceptions have shifted. What was a big “no-no” only decades ago is today’s “sure why not”. The phrase: “Only in America” comes to mind. The racial equality is now higher than ever and the same applies to women in work places.

Technology has a big part in this evolution also. Things like the internet and extremely large databases have contributed in a very positive way to the improvement of our everyday lives. Formerly we were forced to sift through tons of paper to find a record. Now the desired information is 2 clicks away. Things like medical records, bills and other important documents are stored digitally which prevents data loss due to fires.

But this is where things get complicated. These depositories of information might be hacked from distance. It makes our personal information vulnerable to rogue attacks. Even the latest firewalls and ant viruses cannot guarantee that information will not leak.

It’s scary, but it doesn’t mean we should revert back to stone age. There are many examples of how technology can help regular people access large databases. Let’s take Reverse phone number look up which is a good example of how freedom of information can help people.

It allows a person to run a simple reverse telephone number lookup and find out who the owner of a telephone number is. It has a lot of useful applications in our everyday lives. If a person is being bombarded with phone calls from a particular telemarketing company he can reverse lookup their number and send an official letter to their address. Or a person can run a reverse cell phone lookup to find out who is harassing him over the phone.

Unfortunately this innocent service can be used in a bad way.

A sexual predator also knows how to use reverse lookups. A careless person might give out his or her phone number in the club and become a victim.

Sometimes there is a really thin line between danger and convenience. This is a perverted mix of freedom of information and privacy violation.

Every single individual should be able to express his opinion. We as people should be the ones dictating what can and cannot be disclosed. If we don’t have our say, our privacy might be taken away bit by bit. One day we might wake up and see our privacy rights completely vanished. And when that stage is reached it’s often a done deal which is hard to reverse. Even the smallest representative (on the municipal level) should be listened to at the highest of levels in order to prevent this from happening.

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