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To Catch Online Predator : Males Only?

Hmmmm- I have a question. When you hear about “online predators”, what will be your initial reaction?

We normally assume that it’s a male pendejo predator. Dateline NBC:


TO CATCH THE PREDATOR by Chris Hansen is a popular TV segment airing on national TV exposing those online predators that get caught in the act of meeting up with a minor. The setup is they hire a minor decoy to do the job of chatting with perverted guys online. Despite the popularity of this TV segment, you would still see doing the same mistake over and over again. What are they thinking? They think they can just get away with it? Does it really take for them to get caught and confess that they have this major problem about blah blah.

After watching one episode 2 days ago, I was disgusted with these male predators. Then I asked myself: “What if there are women predators online too? Would air this on TV as well? What would you feel if you were watching women caught in the act meeting up with teenage boys? Do you think they will get busted as well? Just like these guys we watched being charged with such act? Or would maybe the question will be: If women are doing such an act, does it ever have a chance to be air on TV?

I am debating if I’ll ask Chris Hansen this type of question. I wonder how he would react. Is this a fair society? I think this is the darker side of the society that is mostly unspoken of. I mean to hell with those sick male predators and they deserve to be in jail. I am a woman and I will never condone someone who is a child molester. Read the rest

Thoughts on Security

This is a very good article, and very true a predator is a no matter what age, race, color or the gender. Look for clues and make sure to be suspicious of everyone better to safe than sorry!!!

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  2. By bill on Sep 5, 2007 | Reply

    No, they won’t show women predators. Though there are plenty of example of female high school teachers who have done exactly the same thing to their male students. But the news refuses to vilify and exploit female “predators”. It’s probably because they wouldn’t be allowed to get away with entertaining America by throwing women to the ground and humiliating them when they try to run away.

    It’s basic morals in American society. Men are evil, women are angels.

  3. By Online Security Auth on May 31, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Steve and Joyce,

    There are many free and paid services, I am sure if you do your homework, you should be just fine… the biggest thing I've found when people (criminals) slip through the cracks, it's because someone is not following the rules or procedures… in the screening process of applicants!

    Here is a free service that I found that might help, for some localized and area searches: <font size="-1"> – Map Sex Offenders in your neighborhood. Find re…

    Hope this helps,


  4. By steve and Joyce miller on May 31, 2008 | Reply

    we are managers for different properties

    how can we screen male or female to see

    if their predators


  5. By Terry_Black_SR on Feb 11, 2009 | Reply

    You pose a very good question about predators being female and if you think about it they have been exposed but on a very limited scale. I'm sure you have seen or heard of a female teacher having sex with her students even to the point of getting pregnant or the murder of their spouses. But let me see if I can shed a light of a different source as in "Society is a predator" Society runs this country by it's own personal moralities whether it's good or bad. I'll pick just one out of the thousands of subjects availible. Bigamy.. Our "society" frowns on it yet the Mormons society accepts it. Years past many cultures accepted it. Take the Japanese for instance the Emporor had hundreds of wives and cuncubines. So where does our society get the idea that their morality came straight from Gods mouth to their ear?

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