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Top 10 Tricks Online Predators Use to Gain Control of Victims

Sexual predators love the internet. Never in the history of mankind has there been a tool that allowed them such easy access to a huge base of potential victims. And along with the large number of children they have access to, the internet also allows sexual predators a way to anonymously work their victims until they get them right where they want them.

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The tricks of the sexual predator, these days, are psychological. No longer is the biggest threat to our children the guy who spends all day watching the children in in the park waiting for the right moment to snatch and run or the person slowly cruising up and down the block looking for kids to abduct.

With the easy access to so many children that is afforded the predator by technologies like the internet, the biggest threat is someone who will first earn the child’s trust and, instead of coming after the child, have the child come to them.

The number one way the internet predator has of getting to children through means like the internet is deception. There are actually ten basic psychological deceptions that sexual predators use to gain control of their victims. These ten deceptions are the ways predators convince their victims that they are someone that they either need or should trust and thereby gain access to them.

To help children recognize these ploys we need to educate them about the techniques predators use. By doing so we can teach them to recognize the techniques when they encounter them and to be wary of those who seem to be using one of the deceptions.

Below is a list of the ten deceptions sexual predators use. Go over it with your child and teach them to recognize all ten.

1. Authority ~ Convincing the child that they are someone who should be trusted or should be obeyed.

2. Bribes ~ Offering the child something they want in return for trust or compliance with requests.

3. Crisis ~ Convincing the child that they can make a bad situation better.

4. Danger ~ Making the child think that they or their family are in danger.

5. Ego ~ Making the child who might be suffering from self esteem issues feel good about themselves with compliments and praise.

6. False Caring ~ Making the child think that they understand whatever issues the child may have.

7. Games ~ Convincing the child that they will have fun with them or that it is all a game.

8. Help ~ Making the child believe they will help them with whatever issue the child may have at any given time.

9. Idol ~ Getting the child to idolize them by being pretending to be something or someone they are not.

10. Job ~ Offering the child money or employment.

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By educating your children to these techniques you can greatly increase their ability to spot a sexual predator before they have had a chance to steal the child’s trust. You should also make sure that your children know to tell you or someone they trust if they ever encounter someone they expect of using one of these techniques either on the internet or in real life.

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