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Are you worried about losing your privacy?

Mitch is not really worried about losing privacy – He claims It’s just the front of his house, and after all visible to anyone who drives by – and for Mitch everything there are visible from public street…

At that point I’m more worried than Mitch are. This is just the beginning, and I fear about the future with new photos or online photos updates 24/7/365. Sick people could follow you on the Internet all the time, and watch where to meet you. And what about the daily walks with unruly morning hair? lol

Mitch: “I expect it will eventually be 24×7 cameras everywhere, accessible from the Internet. As long as they’re not in private places — like a home — or in bathrooms, I don’t have a problem with that.

This was the same with caller ID. It was a huge deal when it came out in the early- mid-90s — the idea that someone will know who you are and know your phone number when you call them!
If something is visible from a public street, why shouldn’t you publish a photo on the Internet?

We also had this controversy about caller ID and, before that, home answering machines?
Now we have Caller ID blocking. Some people block their caller ID. Other people refuse to take calls from people who block Caller ID. Likewise, in the 80s, when answering machines became common, some people started using them to screen calls. Many people considered that rude — other people said, look, doors have peepholes in them don’t they? This is the same thing. A lot of the privacy we now take for granted is historically recent”

Wow, I have been hearing a lot about the phenomenon called Second Life!!!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jenni Eales

Sensual Girls Island (Wang)

So this article is one that you should read to get a better perspective on what is really going on and how much this new technology is really affecting our lives and culture today and will surely affect it tremendously in the future… read more Google – Do you mind being watched? (Interview from Second Life with Mitch Wagner)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jenni Eales

Nudist Beach

Jenni at the beach

Is this really where we want our kids hanging out?

My thoughts and opinions are well known when it comes to children using these kinds of services, when adults are allowed to roam free in these virtual worlds… none of our children are safe!!! and for that matter adults as well are not really safe from the luring eyes of predators and pedophiles on these kinds of systems, that have no real control of what is really happening behind the scenes… including losing your privacy!

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As always be safe online,


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