Cyber Bullying – the New Face of bullying…

Wow, our project is finally coming to an end… and now the fun begins!

We have been working on our brand new eBook for a little over a year now, and it has been an awesome experience. The final edit is completed as of TODAY… is Done! The graphic’s for the cover are done as you can see below.

Watch over the next week or so for a special page for the release of the book…

Also we’ll be launching our Speaking Presentations about Online Safety & CyberBullying at the end of January, in conjunction with the release of the book.

We will be going out to local High Schools and Community gatherings and sharing the message of Online Security and Keeping Our Children Safe in the ever-changing world we live in… The presentations are about 90 minutes and they consists of several different elements of children safety and advice and solutions for parents and caregivers to use daily to make life simple and safe.

1. Introduction to Online Safety
2. Online Security – On and Off line worlds collide
3. Social Networking, MySpace & Facebook
4. CyberBullying & Harassment
5. ID Theft & Privacy

and if, time permitting we’ll have an Q & A to wrap the night up…

If you live in the Rocky Mountain West, please email our publicist the email is: contact(at) and they will send you our CyberHood Watch Partners Media Kit.

Thanks again everyone for all your support,


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