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Each year across the United States we can find more and more children online. If used correctly and responsibly the Internet is an information tool that can educate and entertain. However, when used inappropriately or irresponsibly it is a serious and dangerous environment.  The fact is simple; parents must take the time to educate themselves and their children about Internet safety and take an active role in their online activities.
One of the first lessons a parent teaches their child is “Don’t talk to strangers”. We explain that in the real world, there are good people and bad people; the statistic is same for online users. Many people, including children, have been confronted with material that is disturbing or inappropriate while online
Since 2005, the hottest new places to be and belong to are social networking communities, such as MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Digg and Delicious. These communities are the nightclubs of the new millennium, social networks for every young, online user. As parents struggle to get a handle on everything their young children are exposed to on the Internet, the OSA Network supplies you with those tools and more. You can share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded parents and look for solutions for you and your children’s online security issues
To help parents become better educated, senior editor of, publisher and national researcher Bill Wardell has created a brand new Online Security forum, completely updated to a new SMF platform, new template and colors, the overall look and feel have changed but the information portal has improved immensely, dealing the issues of the day. A great deal of knowledge can be gained by posting questions and reading others posts and replies. The forum is full of simple step-by-step approaches on all the major security issues; also learn how to protect our children from online predators and pedophiles! OSA gives answers in real-time at:

“The fact is; one wrong decision, and your child’s safety can be taken away or invaded
and it happens in mere seconds!”  –  Bill Wardell

While children need a certain amount of privacy, they also need parental involvement and supervision in their daily lives. The same general parenting skills that apply to the “real world” also apply while online. Bill will answer questions like:

  • What is the #1 Danger for Children online?
  • As a parent what should be my biggest concern? What should I do first?
  • How serious are the concerns about MySpace?
  • What is Internet bullying?

If you have cause for concern about your children’s online activities, talk to them. Also seek out the advice and counsel of teachers, librarians, and other parents. Having open communication with your children, using computer resources, and getting online yourself will help you obtain the full benefits of these systems, and alert you to any potential problem that may occur with their use.


With no “real end” in sight for cyber crimes and without stiff penalties and punishments, there is no deterrence for cyber criminals.  Since the development and growing popularity of social networking and friend sites, issues of online safety have become of even greater concern.

Bill Wardell and believes now is the time to take action! Its time to say, “Enough is enough”.  By taking responsibility for your children’s online computer use, parents can greatly minimize any potential risks of being online. Make it a family rule and talk to your kids today. Parents now have another great resource to learn, share and build relationships with other parents going through the same issues of the technology age.


For more information contact: Jennifer Jensen

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Online Security Authority Announces Its New Ebook,
“Don’t Take Candy from Strangers”

The company released this Ebook “Don’t Take Candy From Strangers” and it teaches What Parents Need to Know about MySpace, a Laptop $900.00 – DSL hookup $50.00 – MySpace account Free – Information to protect your child from predators $Priceless! Please Don’t let your Child Become a Statistic! 

The authorities at Online Security Authority (OSA) announced today, that starting November 15th and running through the end of 2006, the 1st of three projects related to your online security will be unveiled. OSA has made a network of websites covering some of the Internet’s most recognizable problems, such as spam, viruses, malware, phishing, identity theft, banking SSL, bill pay, credit card fraud, and the new online dating scene, which includes the “Teen Revolution” called social networking. Concerned parents are asking how do I protect my teens, and if it becomes necessary, to protect their young children How do I block mySpace? and similar sites.

Since 2005, the hottest new place to be and belong to are social networking communities, such as mySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Digg and delicious. These communities are the nightclubs of the new millennium, social networks include: online chatting, text messages, cell phones, v-phones, and anything that includes hard drives, chips, memory, audio, and video and media cards. In plain terms, connections made through media sources like laptops, PC’s, PDA’s and new high-tech mobiles. They bring people together by the mass media appeal, and now more than ever security issues of vulnerabilities, call for precautions to be taken every hour if not every second of every day. The so-called innocence enjoyed by everyone about the Internet is gone forever, personal privacy, identy theft, along with the ever-present threat of online predators and pedophiles should be everyone’s three main concerns.

The U.S. Postal Inspectors reported that Identity theft is America’s fastest-growing crime. The crimes committed most include: phishing, credit card fraud, check forgery, or an organized crime syndicate stealing ID’s, personal information and data, social security and driver’s license numbers, (which are then sold on the black market). Internet thieves are going mainstream with the arrival of new malicious codes and phishing attacks. Identity theft touches one in eight Americans every year. Fraud schemes victimize millions of Americans each year, leaving many, financially devastated. There are laws to protect victims and services and support available

Get 7 Fraud-Prevention DVDs No Charge, No S/H, No Strings!

Recent headlines are shocking and horrifying parents—young adults are getting sucked into the mySpace trend and forgetting the “Don’t take Candy from Strangers” rule that has been instilled into their minds since kindergarten. Teens are disappearing because they are careless, and there’s not much adults can do about it. At a time when every abduction story is more tragic than the last, it is important to remember some simple rules and to create a secure account on my Space and similar sites. Our main responsibility is to keep our children safe. For that reason OSA has developed the exclusive guide “Don’t take Candy from Strangers” an e-book guide for every parent or caregiver on how to teach their loved ones not to trust anyone they don’t know.  Jennifer Jensen of OSA says, “the new book written on an old idea is simply a wonderful way of showing our children how to stay safe. In a world filled with online predators and real life pedophiles, they should always be on the lookout!

With no “Real End” in sight for cyber crimes and without stiff penalties and punishments, there is no deterrence for cyber criminals.  Since the development and growing popularity of social networking and friend sites, issues of online safety have become of even greater concern. Online Security Authority believes that, now is the time to take action! Its time to say: “enough is enough” or scream out from the rooftops that “Were not going to Take IT Anymore!!” We must band together and force politicians, the Federal Government, and International leaders to make changes in how we treat Cyber Criminals. The OSA network of websites is dedicated to providing resources, helpful information, and an exclusive e-book series, including our soon to be flagship project called Cyber Laws 2007 are all reasons to see what all the buzz is about. The Senior Editor of OSA, Bill Wardell, told Jennifer, “OSA will supply all the news, resources and tips to protect consumers as possible. We have not scratched the scratch of the surface of changes that will take place on the Internet over the next 5 years and Beyond!”

for more information contact: Jennifer Jensen

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