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10 Ways to see if an Online Shopping site will keep your Credit Card safe.

Shop Till You Drop the Safest Way Possible

More than ever, there are millions all over the world who opt to shop online for the comfort and convenience they bring. First, they don’t need to go through the process in department stores. They no longer have to wait in long lines or to hop from one store to another to find the item that they want. They can simply scour all , where items are classified according to categories.

However, you should keep in mind that majority of them will accept credit cards as mode of payment. How can you keep your very essential information safe from hackers and other unscrupulous individuals who will be using them for illegal transactions?

Shopping Online

1. The shopping website should include an encryption technology when transmitting important information from your PC to that of the online merchant. The technology may actually scramble all vital information of your credit card, such as your number This is to protect hackers from obtaining them right away. The only persons who will be able to decode them will be those who are given the authority to access.

2. Look for security signs. There are many ways to check if the webpage you are accessing is secured. First, look at the topmost portion of the screen. A secured webpage normally has an s right after http://. It’s a way of letting you know that the page is protected with a secured technology. Another sign will be the presence of a padlock found at the bottom portion of the screen. If it appears to be unlocked, then the page is open to the public, including hackers. Another symbol to watch out for is the unbroken key.

3. You have to make sure that the data remains scrambled if they reach the merchant’s database. It is highly essential for you since it will also prevent the hacker from deciphering and getting the information. Make sure that this also well discussed in the security policy of the shopping site.

4. A reliable shopping website lists down contact details in their website. This may include their business address, phone number, and customer service hotline. This way you can verify with them any concerns you have regarding the confidentiality of your credit card.

5. The shopping website is better listed in the Better Business Bureau. If the shopping website is part of the agency, then it only means that it can be trusted. It may also mean that it has a secured technology in place just in case you are going to purchase an item in their website.

6. Check if the shopping website has . A good e-commerce site will have the information you need when it comes to security and privacy all written in their website. One way to confirm is if there is a Privacy Policy page. It should inform you if your information will be shared to third parties or affiliate organizations, or if they are kept confidential.

7. Good websites also have a seal. There are also online organizations that verify the trustworthiness and credibility of the website. They set guidelines that will try to uphold the importance of maintaining the privacy of the Internet user or the customer. These websites include Verisign, BBonline, and TRUSTe, among others. They give a seal to websites that are able to pass their standards. This will become visible to their customers and other Internet users.

8. The shopping site should provide you of another way of paying. Though credit cards are considered to be the best way to purchase something, an excellent e-commerce website should provide you of other means of paying including debit cards or checks.

9. It should never ask of your SS number. This is basically not necessary when you are trying to place an order, and so a merchant website should not ask you one just so you can purchase something from their website.

10. The shopping website should be able to allow you to set your own security for your account. There are a number of them that will encourage you to create your own username and password. This may not fully guarantee that your credit card information is safe, but it’s a good step.

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  2. By Somnilocus on May 17, 2008 | Reply

    Thanks for posting this. I know so many people who flat out refuse to order online because they’re afraid of this very thing. But the truth is you’re always taking a risk when you use your card, whether online or off… and internet security keeps improving. I personally am not too concerned about it. Still, I like being able to use something like PayPal instead of handing my info over directly to each website.

  3. By Dartz on May 20, 2008 | Reply

    One that you didn’t mention: Make sure that you’re on the REAL site. There are a lot of phishing sites out there, if anything seems off at all, from a typo to an outdated page, check the URL.

  4. By dreamr802 on May 23, 2008 | Reply

    Thanks for posting this, that is all very handy information to post. I shop online but I do it so infrequently because I don’t want anyone to get my credit card number at all. That’s all good information.

  5. By Laptop Backpacks on Sep 6, 2008 | Reply

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