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Beautiful Striped Socks Torn!

Heavens to Betsy, I just took a look in my sock drawer and someone has decided that my wool socks look better with holes in them, and we’re talking serious holes big enough for toes to peek through. So do I want to know who did the laundry last week and why they didn’t tell me my socks had holes in them before putting them away? Oh my Striped Socks! Wait, maybe the washer is eating my socks although these holes look suspiciously like they were done with dogteeth, but I could be wrong.

I bet I could just get a new pair of socks online right now, but I want to find out who ate my socks and the make them pay for the new pairs. It’s funny but these holes look a lot like dogteeth were having at them and if that is the case, then I have an idea who might have eaten these socks. No, that couldn’t be the Heeler, as she never has access to my socks unless she pinches them off the floor by the bed. I bet someone left my socks out where the dogs got them, and they decided it might be a grand idea to play tug of war with them and shred them in the process. I need to travel and a Marrakech Holiday

It’s pretty evident that these holes are dogteeth and I bet my next pair of socks (that’s pretty cheeky) on the Heeler being the culprit. Off to the laundry room to do some investigating on who washed socks last week and see if they noticed the holes. This is what happens when I wish for someone else to do the socks and they do and instead of losing socks, I wind up with partially eaten ones that have air vents in unusual places. Where are my Over The knee Socks? These socks are done for that’s for sure and that is sad because this was my favorite pair to being with. I am sure that Weimaraner is behind this dastardly deed as she never did respect socks and would actually eat the whole thing if given a chance. It would be easy to just buy new socks, but these were really my favorite pair. If I find woolen balls in Pixie’s bed I will know that she was the thief who snuck my socks out of the laundry basket and had at them. Bet it was my sister who did the socks, as she is always on the cell phone not paying attention to what the dogs are doing. This time she has gone way too far.

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  2. By Tapestry on May 27, 2009 | Reply

    hi.. its wonderfully written. i like it. thanks for sharing .

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