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Everyone Loves a Medal

“I want a trophy, I want a trophy!” said the five year old soccer player who probably had not even touched the ball during the game by the way! sport trophies are ever popular mementos for the younger set no matter what sport they are playing or what event they are involved in doing at that time. For the older generation, a kind of award for them to get excited about is a customized plaque with their family arms heraldry depicted for all to enjoy. Whatever your age, whatever your sport, whatever your interest, everyone enjoys an award!

The types of trophies available are truly endless and the cost differentiation is equally as ongoing. Another more cost effective option to the sport trophy is a medal with a ribbon to go around your neck. The medal has some positive attributes over the trophy. The first benefit is low cost. Medals are simple to make, order and ship. They are easy to distribute to individuals as well. Take a running race for instance, medals are handed out at the finish line for races ranging from one hundred to upwards of thirty thousand people! It would be impossible to hand out sport trophies to that many individuals. Ribbons can then be stored on a hook or curtain rod or anywhere which is another benefit over trophies which take up a lot more storage space.

Sport trophies, however, are the end all with a lot of kids. There is such a variety of types of trophies irregardless of the sport including snow globe trophies, bobble head trophies, and three toned metallic trophies which look like artistic statues. The kids just desire a keepsake of whatever sport or activity they were involved in.

Trophies can be handed out for diverse situations. They are given out for winning an individual event or team game. They can also be used for just being part of a team and this seems to be the norm for younger children playing in sports or involved in activities these days. Another way trophies are given is one huge award for a group or team to share. In these cases, the trophy is sometimes passed around to individual team members to hold onto for a specified period of time before it is passed on to the next player or group member. In other instances, the group trophy is displayed in a centralized location for all to see and appreciate. This may also occur after the trophy has been passed around to individual team members or group participants.

Whatever the sport, whatever the activity, whatever the season, there is a trophy waiting for you! The trophy can be for the individual team member or group member or one for thewhole team or group, but one sure thing is that all people, young or old, love getting a trophy or medal. So it is easy to make that five year old soccer player happy that never touches the ball by offering her a trophy and while you are at it, throw in a medal too!

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