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Father’s Day Gift Checklist

Being a father is a fulfilling experience for anyone. It allows you to experience both the joys of being a son and the thrills of being a father. As a son, you are already given an idea of how special fathers are. To know that his day only comes once a year must give you a clue of what special present you might give him. But looking for a gift that says “I love you dad and thanks you for all the sacrifices you made” is simply hard to do. Fortunately, there are few simple choices that can really say what you want to say to your dad this Father’s Day.

Fishing Gear

Let’s face it, most dads love fishing. Fishing is one outdoor activity that a father and son can enjoy together. This is a bonding activity like no other. So for this coming Father’s Day, why not give him some new fishing gear. Choose a fishing gear that includes a variety of baits, rods and even fish finders.

Golf Clubs

Golf is becoming a symbol of fulfillment to dads. Fathers spend most of their lives working to provide for their family and golf is one way they reward themselves for their hard work. What better way to treat your father this Father’s Day than to give him the tools he need to relax. Give him a basic set of golf clubs to help him start the game. A basic set usually contains three 9-irons, three woods, putter, sand wedge and pitching wedge.

Swiss Army Knives

Nothing compares the joy of giving your dad Swiss army knife. You can make it even more personal by giving him engraved swiss army knives this coming Father’s Day. Most dads love the outdoors and this small token can definitely bring him enough satisfaction. Through this small gift, all the things he needs to survive outdoors is provided. From corkscrew to tweezers to wire stripper, the Swiss army knife has everything an outdoorsman needs to survive the wilderness.

Cigars and Lighter

Nothing says manliness better than a box of cigars and an elegant lighter. If your father is into cigars, Zippo lighters are excellent gift ideas for Father’s Day. There are affordable engraved zippo lighters available anywhere. You can even engrave heartfelt messages on the lighter to give it a more personal touch. These kinds of gifts can definitely last for a long time.


Have you noticed your father is still wearing the same watch ten years ago? Then maybe it’s time to replace it with a new one. Watches are very popular kinds of gifts. They are versatile and there is just so much to choose from. You don’t have to worry about the design because there are watches for every kind of style there is. engraved pocket watches are also wonderful gift ideas especially for a father who has the tendency to lost watches. Pocket watches are handy and can even serve as key chains. There are several pocket watch themes that you can choose from like sports, novelty, Swiss army and more.

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