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Mystery Shopping Education

Mystery shoppers do what kinds of things? Hide down different aisles in stores to catch people doing things they shouldn’t do? Well, no, it’s nothing quite that mysterious or at least, it’s not meant to be.

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Mystery shoppers are actually tools (people) who do market research on the quality of service provided or get information about specific products and/or services. The really interesting thing about mystery shopping, is that it actually got its start in the 1940s when it was used as a method to test employee honesty etc. A mystery shopper goes into a store (or other location) and either buys something or asks questions of the employees to see if they know their duties and are knowledgeable.

When they are done their task for the day, they then file a detailed report about their experiences and get paid for their work. In order to get good information for their reports, a mystery shopper may choose to use several ways to gather material, perhaps a webcam on a cell phone or even a digital camera.

Many of the companies who run Mystery Shopping services are solely based on the Net. You might not find a mystery shopper service any place in your city unless you happen to look online. So where does a mystery shopper shop and how do they go about doing it? In most instances, the most common venues are health clubs, health care facilities, banks, fast food chains, car dealerships, restaurants, theatres and retail stores.

In other countries there are trends to sending mystery shoppers into local organizations to check on their customer service attitudes. Mystery shoppers make it a point to try and do something different when they are about to buy an item, whether that is ask an unusual question about it or just do something unusual while they are in the store.

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While they are allowed to be “unusual” on their assignments, mystery shoppers are not encouraged to draw a lot of attention to themselves. In order to find out if the staff at the store know their duties, it’s a mystery shoppers job to draw them out by asking questions.

Are you missing important documents or find that projects you are currently working on are being sabotaged? If things like this are going on, then it’s time to call in the experts on company infiltration in order to maintain a secure business environment.

No, it’s time to call in outside help; a business that specializes in company infiltration and that is able to provide you with an employee to work within your organization. The information you are provided will allow you to make crucial business decisions as to whether to take action internally, or involve the police.

A mystery shopper can pretty much choose their assignments as they have a really wide variety of places the can go, including banks and fast food chains. The test of course is how the server handles such requests.

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