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Purchasing Jewelry On The Web From Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.
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A sure way to know that you are getting the absolute best in terms of quality and style is to buy Tiffany jewelry. The real question is do you want to pay the price? There are unscrupulous jewelry stores, especially online, that will try to pass off their merchandise as being made by the Tiffany Company. This is what makes it vital to be aware of how to spot the differences between real Tiffany & Co jewelry and a fake.

One of the tips to help you tell if a piece of designer jewelry is authentic from Tiffany jewelry is to exam the photo. Look for a clear and close up photo, one that shows detail, and not blurred, one that shows detail and flaws. Another tactic that sellers use to sell non authentic Tiffany & Co jewelry is use different terminology. Reading the complete descriptions can help you avoid buying fake Tiffany & Co jewelry.

When shopping for Tiffany & Company at a place other than Tiffany & Co, one of the first and most important things to check is the price. While the prices may be different, if they are not close you could be looking at a piece that is not authentic. Too many of us get blinded by what we consider to be a great price and an amazing bargain, and don’t realize that they are being duped into buying counterfeit jewelry.

Prior to making any purchases, contact the seller for any information or questions you might have. A good salesperson here is knowledgeable about all the jewelry they sell, regardless if you purchase anything or not.

Tiffany & Co. jewelry is genuinely unique and no other jewelry on the planet can hold a candle to it. Beware of frauds! Be sure that the jewelry you are buying is genuine Tiffany and not a cheap imitation.

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  2. By Em@Designer Jewelry on Mar 12, 2009 | Reply

    SUCH an important topic! There is so little good info on how to avoid fake designer jewelry. Thanks!!

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