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Wedding Gift Ideas: Ring Bearer

Every person who participates in a sacred wedding ceremony symbolizes an important part of your marriage. For the ring bearer, the innocent boy carrying your rings represents your bond with your partner and the purity of that bond. For this matter, it is important to give that sweet-looking boy something to make him remember his important participation in your sacred ceremony when he grows up; a token to commemorate and serve as a memento to make him look forward for his turn to walk down that aisle.

But looking for the best ring bearer gifts can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Without proper guidance, it is easy to give something that is inappropriate. Luckily, there are simple guidelines that can help you look for the appropriate gift to give your ring bearer.

Elegant but Fun

Remember that you are giving a gift to a child. The gift should be fascinating and at the same time may serve as a memento. You don’t want to give him laser pointers, cufflinks or anything boring and completely useless for his age. Instead, why not give him a silver plated yoyo or harmonica, which he can play with after the wedding.

Always Choose Boy Gifts

Ring bearers are boys. When choosing the right gift to give the kid, remember to choose something that is right for a boy. It is helpful to visit toy or novelty shops and see if you can look something that can interest of the boy.

If you are unsure what to give, automobile toys always do the trick. Young boys are always fascinated in toy trucks and trains. Why not give him a starter toy train to awaken his interest in the hobby or a fire truck to inspire him for the future?

Also, timepieces can still work for this kind of situation. Watches are elegant gift ideas for any occasions. There are even swiss pocket watches that can serve as a memento. Just make sure that what you give is age-appropriate and interesting at the same time.

Choose a Keepsake

Aside from toys, you can go for more collectible grade gifts. The present you are about to give the ring bearer must serve as a personal keepsake to commemorate the wedding. Always remember not to give him something plastic – this is completely inelegant. Instead, why not give your ring bearer something that is made from silver, steel, pewter or even gold. Any kind of gift made from such metals can definitely make elegant gifts for the wedding.

This is the time for you to not to be cheap. Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. From the table napkins to the gown, the gifts you give your ring bearer should also be perfect. For example, if you give him a toy fire truck, make sure that the toy is made of high-quality material and not plastic.

Giving such items can keep the wedding elegant and sophisticated up to the last detail. You can also engrave something on the gift to add a personal touch. Also always remember to have fun while looking for the best gift to give your ring bearer.

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