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Wedding Gifts Suggestions

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Before you think this is a gift-shopping guide for couples getting married, let me just say this is the exact opposite. This is a little bit of information on wonderful gift ideas from a couple to their friends as a thank-you token.

The general guest token is not a problem. What needs careful planning and picking is those for your entourage. One unique gift idea I’ve seen suggested on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy a few years back was for principal sponsors – a sample of your wedding wine in little custom bottles and a small slice of chocolate wrapped nicely with the bottle of wine. Now, this is definitely a classy, sexy gift your sponsors will remember you for.

Picking out gifts for the rest of your entourage might not be as easy. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are quite something else to shop for. These are normally your friends and close family members. You chose them specifically for special roles on your wedding day. Most probably, you know each of them intimately. While women might be relatively easier to shop for, what do you pick for your groomsmen? What can you give your male friends to show them your appreciation without draining your wedding funds? You need a cheap groomsmen gift, yes. But what would those be?

Go symbolic and choose to be creative. You can give your groomsmen Cigarette Cases with a stern warning to give up the habit sooner than later. Think of it in the spirit of the Three Musketeers: All for One, One for All. You’re giving up your bachelor ways with the “I do.” They ought to join you in spirit by giving up something equally tough to let go – smoking. Not only will you save them from dying sooner than they’re supposed to, the women in their lives will owe you one for it.

Or if that doesn’t suit you, get your groomsmen colibri cufflinks or money clips. Pocket watches might be too much but pens would definitely be less than appropriate. There’s actually quite a selection of colibri products that you’d do well to consider so you might want to have a look and see.

For your bridesmaids, give them a piece of your wedding make-up kit. Yes, a stick of the lip stick you’re using for your wedding day, a stick of concealer or mascara or if you can afford it, order a sample of your perfume packaged in custom mini-bottles. (Now, that’s a bit lavish, don’t you think?)

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