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February 2006

Great way to start off the month :)

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WTO raps US over online gambling law
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled against the US in an online gambling dispute with the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda. The US is breaking international trade rules, it is expected to say.
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Afroman party nixed: OSA cites security concerns, forces Sigma Nu
By Rahul Kanakia
There were supposed to be hundreds of people enjoying themselves at Sigma Nu tonight, listening, singing and dancing to the beats of acclaimed rap artist Afroman, famous for his hit 2001 single “Because I Got High.”
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Beyond Banning: Double Damage Penalties for Cheating in Knight Online
The MMO Knight Online is moving beyond the cudgel of banning to handle cheaters in Knight Online. Instead, in the wake of a recently identified exploit, they have penalized 3469 players with a “2X” penalty for cheating.
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Casino Spam Royale
Those laws have been more than inconvenient for the online companies that profit from such betting. The legislation dried up a significant pool of bettors, and left those sites looking for replacements. Security researcher Kevin McGhee
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Well it doesn’t get any cooler than this, I never thought in a million years that this would ever happen, I guess you never say never Wink

January 2006


The way you have fun is to invite yours truly to be the guest speaker! Well hopefully they all had a good time, I enjoyed sharing with them and my wish is that my ebook and OSA system can help at least one teen and save themselves and their and families the tragedy of going through heartache of an abduction.   


A special Thank you, to Councilman Shari Lazenby for all her support and she was very instrumental in arranging for me the opportunity to speak to our local PTA tonight. I was very happy and surprised to find out how many parents really do want to make the right choices without sacrificing the protection of their children.

The school principal has asked that we come back and do another presentation in a couple of months and I am already looking forward to that night with great anticipation! Because, we are going to explore more of the inner workings of MySpace with a online WIFI presentation and how kids are using Proxy Servers to get around blocking software.

December 2006

SleepyNews Partnership Announced! homepage

Thanks to Rena Klingenberg,

I am going to be very busy over the next few months! I had been doing research for my new online venture when I saw that Rena was looking at the prospect of selling her new Authority Site. I remembered looking at her site a few times and thought it was a great idea and niche to be an Authority in.

When Rena decided to sell her site, I really thought we would make a good partnership. Rena’s development of the Sleep niche contained many of the aspects that a good quality site should contain to be successful. Then, it was left up to Karma. During the last little while I have become good friends with, and look forward to a long and profitable partnership with Rena. homepage  

November 2006

Limited to the first 100 responses!
OSA 2006 Online Survey page

Change is inevitable, thats one of the things that we can count on in life! So, help us in the process of making some inprovemnets to our site. Thanks to everyone in advance for participating in our OSA 2006 Online Survey!
OSA 2006 Online Survey page

Just Released; November 15th!
Dont Take Candy From Strangers page

Thanks everyone! I have thought many times how we can all make a real difference in the world with the power of our websites. And this is one way, if this ebook even helps one family protect there child, it’s been worth every minute of the last six months and more, writing Dont Take Candy From Strangers!  Dont Take Candy From Strangers page

October 2006

Just opened our new OSA Products page!!!
OSA Products Page

With fall in the air, brings many changes to our network of websites. We are adding a very special “Beta” Video Training System starting with the introductory video highlighting the huge problem of employees and teenagers trying to outwit and get around mySpace and similar sites blocking software.

September 2006

Hot of the Press!!! Release date: Sept. 15th
October 15th November 15th 2006
“Dont Take Candy From Strangers”

Just Added!!! Word of the Day

This Site Is Massive! Bookmark it with any of the services below, or in your browser. There’s no way you’ll finish reading all the security resources, news and tips all in one go!

So, come back often and explore any of the categories on the left panel, you’ll not be disappointed by the amount of good quality content, you will be learning all the latest and breaking security stories, if you have a particular of interest that is not covered please email our staff.

Predator’s is our premiere category, that is where most of the issues of the day and children’s safety posts are and it is a good place to start.

Another great idea and service we’ve just added is the Word of the Day webpage.

August 2006


Online Security Authority Network

Please give us Feedback! The OSA Network has just been opened, we are still working out some of the website templates and layouts including resolving all the major issues. Because, there are so many projects we could try and tackle, OSA’s main focus is going to be the advent of:

ebook series called “Don’t Take Candy From Strangers”

community portal called

the website called

The rest of OSA other ideas and projects are tentatively shelved until these two projects are completed or we’ve received enough support to move forward.


July 2006

Coming Soon!!!

June 2006

Coming Soon!!!

May 2006

Coming Soon!!!

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