Windows Vista: New take on security »

In the second of our four-part series, we look at security in Windows Vista

Microsoft intends Vista to be the most secure version of Windows yet released. Security has been beefed up throughout the operating system, with secure booting, protected data transfer across system buses and enforced driver signing helping to protect the system from attack.

Additionally, Digital Rights Management (DRM) gives copyright owners the ability to protect their digital media from piracy if they wish.

User Account Control
Certainly the most noticeable – and probably the most irritating security measure from the user’s point of view – is the introduction of User Account Control (UAC).

Today, most Windows users are running with default administrator privileges. Home users and anyone who had been using Windows since the days of Windows 3.0 or even Dos will have grown up in an environment where there is only one user on the system, and that user has the power to control, edit – and screw up – anything and everything on the PC.

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