Dangerous Drugs and Their Availability on the Web: Part II »

This survey was done a few years back, and since then the purchases of prescription drugs online has increased. One teenager shared his experience with online drugs. “I was always searching [the Internet] for new ways to get high,” said Sean, a 17 year old being treated at Pathway Family Center in Indianapolis. “My friends and I ordered ‘legal marijuana,’ which was terrible. I found out how to grow marijuana, how to make it more potent, how to crush pills. I linked my IM [instant messenger] to my favorite drug sites so that my friends could find them, too. When my parents wanted to drug test me, I found out online how to detox so I could get around the tests and show up clean.” Parents need to realize that there are many websites out there that teach your children bad things. The Internet is a great resource when used correctly and therefore banning it completely is a mistake, but parents would also be making a mistake thinking teens won’t find websites that encourage and promote drug use.

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