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GED Guide Against Scams & Rip Offs

Congratulations on your decision to get your GED. Now you need to choose a school that is not a scam or fraud! Cross off your list any school that offers the GED test on line. Only a state sponsored testing site may give the GED test. Typically two year or four year colleges within the state. To get your GED you have to pass five different tests! You may take them one at a time though.

So, you want a school affiliated with the testing center for the GED in your state. An on line school should stress GED preparation and study. Be leary of those with guaranteed passing rates. The amount of money the school charges has no bearing on how good the school is! Any school with no work requirement is not one you should be attending. Yes, you may prepare by yourself for the GED. What good it is if you don’t know what’s on the test or how to answer the questions remains to be answered.

The slickest scam going are the diploma mills. They tell you to forget the GED and get your high school diploma the fast and easy way. You receive full credit for your life experience and save hours of study. They even have the diploma, transcript that you may purchase. Best of all, you can go to high school on line and take the on line test to get your diploma. They even offer a class ring!

People who care about GED’s or high school diplomas want the real thing! The diploma must be from a state accredited high school. The GED must by issued by the state not some school. These thieves charge anywhere from $200 to $2000 and will make you pay for a gold star diploma. It can be difficult to tell the phony from good based on a website look. You need to check out what the students say about the class. How much instruction is your money buying? Do you have an instructor to talk to or just a book? Are they happy that you are taking the class or wish you would go away?

Finally, do what President Reagan did with Russia about the missiles. Verify, then trust! Keep your eyes open and investigate your school. Most states offer on line GED education for free. Community colleges even have classes for free. You need to ask and look around to get what will best suit you. Don’t let rip off artists sideline you efforts!

You need to know what you are going for? GED or diploma. Then you need to know how to get there!

Otherwise, any path to any where will be ok for you. You want the right path for the correct destination!

Ronald E. Newton: Retired IBM Global Service Networking consultant with 25+ years of building on line applications & websites. Used the Internet for literacy, SAT and now GED preparation of students. The website is Email is

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