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Moving with Teens: Auto Transport Eases Moving

Relocating is not enjoyable. The stress of moving not only your family, but all of your stuff across country can be overwhelming. Do we use a moving company or do we move ourselves? If we use a moving company, should we have them pack or should we do that ourselves? It can be enough to keep you awake at night. If multiple members of your family own vehicles you can add one more question to your list. How are we going to get all of our automobiles across country?

Depending on how far you are moving it may be cost and time prohibitive to drive the cars from one place to another. If cost and time arenít an issue you still need to consider if there is a driver for each vehicle. Those of us who have teenagers know that if they are lucky enough to have a vehicle to call their own, they are not about to leave it behind and will insist on driving it across country on their own if it is an option. The same parents also know that this isnít a good idea. This is the issue we found ourselves in recently when we moved from Texas to California.

We have 2 sons who have both worked very hard to buy their own vehicles. They love these vehicles more than life itself. Driving from Southern Texas to Northern California was not an option for the reasons stated previously,gas and time. Neither vehicle was in the condition to drive thousands of miles either. Donít tell our kids but we were also insanely concerned about their ability to make the trip unscathed. Our issue was resolved with a little bit of research. After looking all over the internet and reading multiple forum posts we were introduced to the thought of auto transport. After talking with the kids we thought that this was the method to take.

We researched two companies Texas car shipping and California auto transport. Both companies were very nice, offered multiple choices and were able to provide awesome references. We werenít sure which company to choose. Unfortunately, Texas Car Shipping could not accommodate the dates we needed thus making the decision for us. We chose California Auto Transport and were very impressed with their service. My vehicle, my husbandís vehicle and both of the boyís vehicles arrived on time and in great shape.

All in all it was a great experience. If you find yourself in the same situation I highly suggest looking into auto transport services. Make sure to do your due diligence and check out the references of each business you get a quote from, you are giving them your vehicle and would like for them to return it eventually!

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