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MySpace Safety for Teenagers

Having a MySpace profile can be a really great way to stay up-to-date with your friends, but, keep it safe! Don’t put too much personal information on your page. Info that you shouldn’t post: the town you live in, where you go to school, your first and last name, and where you hang out with your friends. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t put personal information on your Myspace page, but the main reason is because if you do someone who doesn’t know you could find you with the information that you have put in your profile. This could be dangerous. Dont be fooled by all the 20 question surveys. The more questions you answer and post on your page, the more information you’re letting people know.

Avoid drama at all costs. Just like in school where people gossip and spread rumors, drama can also happen on Myspace. People can leave others nasty comments, or start groups. This is considered Cyber Bullying. Set your profile settings so that you have to approve of comments before they go on your profile, and if anyone is harassing you- delete them from your friend’s list.

Be smart. Know that you are not anonymous on your Myspace page (even if you don’t have your full name on your page, people will know who you are), so if you do something like making fun of your teachers, someone could find out and report you.

Protect yourself from Internet predators or cyberbullying by making your profile private.
How to make a Myspace profile private: There is a feature on Myspace that allows you to make your profile private so only your friends can see your entire profile. To do this, go into your “Account Settings” and then “Privacy Settings”. Check the box “My Friends Only”. With your Myspace profile private, only the people that are your friends on Myspace can see your whole profile, which includes your pictures, your comments, your “about me” section, etc. Technically, you’re supposed to be 14 to have a Myspace page. Otherwise, you are too young.

Don’t accept friend requests from anyone you do not know. You can also make it so that before people can add you that they need to know your last name or email address. Anything you post on MySpace available to anyone with access to the internet.

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