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Saving Money Utilizing Auto Transport While Moving with Young Adults

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Having recently moved to California with two teenage boys I can attest to the fact that moving expenses can rack up. Aside from packaging everything ourselves, renting a trailer and taking all the necessary safety measures, making an inexpensive move was not a simple task. One thing, however, that I found to be especially cost effective was shipping one of my boys’ vehicles with an auto transport service.

There are a number of benefits from shipping your vehicle with an auto transport. First, you’ll know exactly when the vehicle will show up at your new place. This is especially important because having reliable cars immediately will allow you to get him or her out of the house and finding a new job lickity-split. The extra time spent working and getting acquainted in the new area will pay off in keeping them productive and included.

Second, you won’t have the hassle of finding a vehicle, the potentially high price of purchasing it. Most people cringe at the thought of poring over used car magazines or haggling with seedy used car salesman. Not only that, but you’ll be avoiding the concern of getting one that will be safe and reliable for the teen driver in his brand new environment. These issues alone would give me a headache, but avoiding them allowed me to focus on what’s vital when making a move.

Third, you would be avoiding the high cost of driving long distances. With gas prices constantly changing you would be taking the chance of racking up a huge bill at the pump–especially when driving long distances. This wouldn’t be the least of your worries, but you’d also have to find lodging in an expensive hotel and miss time from work. There’s not only the monetary cost, but additionally the fact that you’d be on the road for long hours in traffic that could be potentially dangerous. Better leave that one up to the professionals.

Lastly, when shipping a vehicle, you’ll have a little extra space to move some odds and ends. Space consuming blankets or other light materials that are a pain to move would fit nicely in the trunk or back seat of the car that’s being shipped. Be careful though, the car has to remain drivable and some shippers don’t insure losses on items that are inside the vehicle. Ensure the items in the car are light and inexpensive to replace. The extra space in the transported car allowed me to rent a less expensive trailer to haul all the other important stuff I was moving.

Having moved from Texas to Northern California, I wasn’t sure which area to look for a shipper. I first tried a few California auto transport places, but realized I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. It was unclear what they wanted and I wasn’t sure where exactly they were located in relation to my new house. I ended up finding a local Texas car shipping business that was extremely helpful and careful in explaining all the little things in shipping my son’s car. Having worked out the paper work, I dropped the vehicle off and was told I’d see it in my new driveway in two weeks. That was a major load off my mind and so much less hassle than I was thinking it would be. The primary advantage, however, was that I saved a considerable amount of cash I saved by avoiding travel costs like gas and shelter. We also didn’t have to waste time away from work selling and purchasing a new vehicle which could be a project in and of itself. If I could give you one piece of advice when moving with teenagers–don’t forget to ship the cars.

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  2. By Anna@Saab Dealers on Apr 14, 2009 | Reply

    nice post, i agree that we can save quite a lot of money when buying and shipping you own car, but i believe we have to be very careful cause not everyone can handle the whole procedure from start to end correctly… For the first time, better have some help form someone that already did it before.

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