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Self – Study Aids — E-books

          This article is the first article of a series of articles I am going to publish regarding self – Study aids.  In today’s world, every day there is a new development and new discoveries with which any person aspiring to progress in life by utilizing new professional and business opportunities must keep abreast.  Many subjects, which are now taught in universities, were non-existent some twenty-five years ago.

           In this situation, any aspiring individual discovers that he has to learn new subjects and in many situations, learning languages becomes a vital necessity.  However, the irony is everybody is short of time and attending evening course is a dream for many individuals.  For an aspiring person many self-study tools are available which will help him to learn a subject or language in a short span of time. 

           One of the tools that are available and very useful is an e-book.  An “e-book” is an electronic version of a paper – printed and bound book that has been published and available in bookstores.  E-books are available in the form of CDs and diskettes.  However, majority of them are available as downloadable files.  They can be downloaded in your desktop via internet and most of them can be read as PDF files.  Even though, many devices are available for reading e – books, most of the time they are not necessary, but if you are interested in utilizing them you can buy one of them.

            The tremendous advantage of e-books is that they do not occupy physical space and for people like Sales representatives who travel frequently it is a great advantage; they can start studying the book whenever they are free.

            E-books are available for almost many types of subjects like math,  physics,  green technology areas like solar energy, wind energy, etc and language learning purpose and many of them can be bought online through websites of publishers or authors or online book stores.  Even programmed learning manuals are available in electronic version.  Many e-books are available for free download and many are lesser priced than their physical counterparts are.  However, the most important aspect is that they are always with us without occupying physical space and increasing the weight.  As I had mentioned earlier this is very important for people who are traveling frequently.  I have repeated this aspect repetitively because I had been a marketing executive and being a lover learning new subjects I used to carry books with me and because of this I always had to carry a larger sized suitcase with me and because of this my colleagues always used to mock me.  Today I am using e-books and my suitcase size has been reduced. 

So I can boldly say that for modern youths, especially youths living in metropolitan cities and hard-pressed for time, e-books will be a great help in developing their knowledge of latest subjects and developments in their area of specialization.  Simply by browsing the internet, you can know about the availability of e-books and you can get details from publishers.

Author name: N.S.AMUDHAN; AGE:49, Education: B.Sc(physics), M.B.A. Is a person of multiple interest, is interested in ecological and environmental issues, interested in learning languages and in online money making activities


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