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10 Tips On Guiding Kids How To Safely Use Social Networks

More and more kids nowadays are participating in online social networking sites to communicate with friends and to meet people all over the world. This is a good venue for kids to express themselves and learn how to be responsible.

However, , fraudsters, bullies and other bad elements also lurk in these websites in the hope of finding people, particularly kids, to prey on. According to a survey sponsored by the US Department of Justice, about 20% of kids that fall within the 10-17 age group are recipients of unwanted sexual messages online. With these unscrupulous people just around the corner, parents should be aware of their children’s social networking activities.

Pulling the plug and preventing your kids, especially , from using the Internet or participating in social networking sites may not be a good idea. Kids can find other ways to access the Internet. If you want to ensure that your kid is safe from dishonest people on social networking sites, read the tips below:

Be On The Know

You can only effectively provide guidance to your kids if you know what you are contending with. A lot of parents just accept the fact that kids will always be better at computers and the Internet than they are. If you are one of these parents, then you are just showing your kids that you are not interested in these things so you just let them decide what is good for them and what is not.

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As concerned parents, we need to know the new trends on the Net so that we can better guide our kids on what is safe. Moreover, you will be a cool mom or dad if your children realize that you are on the loop on what’s hot. Instead of asking their peers or online friends for help with regard to the Internet, your kids will start to ask you instead.

Talk With Your Kids About Internet and Social Networking Safety

A lot of kids feel that they are invincible on the Net. They are not afraid to experiment and share information, especially in networking sites, because everybody seems to be doing this and they feel that they are wise enough to spot deceivers and fraudsters. However, most of the time, your children can be very bad judges of character.

If you want your kids to listen to you when you talk about Internet and Social Networking safety, you first need to have in-depth knowledge about the subject. Next, you need to be calm but firm when you tell them the truth about how unscrupulous individuals and sexual predators work.

Impose House Rules With Regard To Internet Use

It is important that there are some rules regarding Internet usage in your house. You don’t have to be strict, because they would just find ways to break the rules, but you have to be firm.

Invest On PC Parental Control Software

There are a lot of programs available in the market that will help you monitor your kid’s Internet activity and even conversations. Just surf the Net and you will surely find a product that is ideal for your budget and safety concerns.

Monitor Your Kid’s Internet Use

You need to let your kids know that you are somehow monitoring their Internet use. This might prevent them for entering sites that are not appropriate for their age and putting anything on their social network profile that they don’t want you to see.

Set Up Family Email or Account

It would be best that your child will use the family email account or social network profile. At least, you will know who are contacting your child.

Ask Permission To See Your Kids’ Profile

If your kid insists on having his or her own personal site, explain to him or her that everything that he or she posts on the Web cannot be erased anymore. Thus, it would be prudent to just write or post about things that they will not regret in the future. Then, tell them you want to see their profile.

Ensure That Your Kid’s Profile Is Private

Teach your child how to make their profiles in social networking sites private. Ensure that only their friends and family are the ones who can view their profile and send messages.

Firewall And Other Anti-Spyware and Virus Software Is Important

Your first defense against security threats is a good firewall. You can also prevent files from infecting your PC if you install anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

Encourage Your Kid To Visit Kid Friendly Site

There are many kids-friendly sites on the Web. In order to prevent your kids from chancing upon social networking sites, chat rooms and websites that are not appropriate for their age, you should take the initiative to introduce the kid-safe sites to your children.

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  2. By kENs on Jan 14, 2008 | Reply

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