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He is a Father First, and then the Attorney General of the State of Utah…

Who are we talking about? His name is Mark Shurtleff and exemplifies these qualities and I am proud to call him a friend and now a mentor… because of the opportunity to sit down with Mark in his office for a “private” get to know the CyberHood Partners Dave and Bill meeting, and also to do well over an hour interview with him on our live show on Tuesday the 26th…

What I learned in those 2 hours is that we are pretty much the same type of people, (Responsible) we were both raised by loving parents and grandparents that taught us both about being good and honest, teaching us about respect, and to love one another and that our families come first right after God and our Country… and that this great land was built of the principles of our Forefathers… and that Justice will prevail and that the truth will set us FREE! These are great lessons to learn when you are young and your parents can only do so much to impart these life lessons, then it is left up to us to choose for ourselves how we treat our fellow man… and HOW we SERVE them as well!!!

Featured Guest Mark Shurtleff on the CHWradio

Thanks again Mark for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with our listeners, but especially showing me very personally by your own example that fighting the good fight is what we have to do !!!

and continue to do so if we want to change the wrongs in this state, and also this great land that we all call home, and especially to learn how to “Bridge the Gaps” of Communication Breakdown… of our most important relationships…

Friend to Friend

Employee to Boss

Husband to Wife

Government to the People

Country to Country

and yes!

Parent to Child….

Learn what it takes to become a Responsible CyberCitizen and why the Attorney General Mark Shurtleff supports:

Your Online Security Authority Partners

Dave and Bill

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