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How To Beat Speeding Fine Tips

So there you are making your way to work, traffic is running smoothly and it feels like it is going to be a good day. Murphy must have taken an extra shot of espresso because you just got caught speeding. Rolling your eyes at the unrelenting predicament you incidentally hum under your breath, “Crap another one,” and your mind is set a whirl thinking, how can I beat traffic tickets?

Here is the thing, I am a mother. I got a car payment that is overdue, the economy on my noggin and student loans I still have to pay for. I cannot handle one more speeding fine. I have been there already and it is not cheap. So you hand over your license, registration and insurance card. He dawdles back to his ticket horse to check your driving record and comes back to present you a speeding fine.

So I haggle with the cop, “I am begging you, is there any possibility you can just give me a verbal warning instead?” He stares at me like he feels my suffering; but without concern he gives me a speeding ticket anyway. Then I resume my position back on the road praying I don’t incidentally hose up again and get myself more traffic tickets.

How do I get stopped in a Chevy Astro van? I know it is not that pretty but golly, I have seen worse ok! I wasn’t driving like a bunny on crack or endangering anyone on the road. I just happened to encounter a ticket overlord and I cannot afford it.

As if slipping up on my car payment wasn’t enough, adding speeding fines to my toppling pile of debt was enough to make me want to seek a way of beating them. My only question left was which was the best way to go about it? So I made my way to the bibliotheca to gather information. In today’s information age I imagined there had to be an out in the mechanics somewhere.

I was researching the law books but really I didn’t understand a damn word of it. I then refocused my mind to some book that promises to get you out of your speeding fines but as I am skimming through I realize that it was written for tickets given in Alabama. That ain’t my state! Now I am getting really discouraged and feeling depressed and ready to throw in the towel and redo my budget to allow for this inane traffic ticket.

Nearly in tears, some gentleman next to me tells me about this book he found on the web, he told me it helped him. So when I got home with the flicker of optimism I had reserved and found it. The light bulb in my brain goes off and a sh*t eating grin appears on my face.

What I failed to recognize at the time I got the ticket is how relevant a laser or radar gun becomes as proof. It is a shame that I ended up paying some of the citation but at least it saved me a little bit of mullah.

Not that long ago I got pulled over again by a ticket tyrant but that time I was on the ball. I did get the ticket voided and I owe it all to this book. Woo hoo! Score one for mom! Yes, there are ways to beat speeding ticket. If I can do it then you can do it too. Let those Tyrannical Ticket Nazis pull me over again muhahahahaha…

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