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Anyone can be on the front lines, of keeping everyone safe online through CyberSecurity!

The internet has seen astounding growth since its creation. From small chat-rooms inhabited by only the most technical of users, to seemingly everyone having an Internet connection, the entire landscape has changed. While this has created great technological advancements, it has also spawned a new breed of crime, cybercrime and online hacking.

Hacking has been around for a long time, but hackers have never had the potential to mine as much sensitive information as they do now. Many people shop online and trust retailers to protect their credit card information, but stores sometimes fail to do so. In 2008, more than 40 million credit card numbers were stolen from large retailers such as Sports Authority and Barnes & Noble. And, it’s not just credit cards that are targeted – passwords are also a prime target. In early 2011, hackers targeted popular online password manager, Lastpass, and managed to steal the user names and passwords of its customers.

Both credit card and ID/password theft are the building blocks of identity theft. Research shows that identity theft leads to an average of $31 billion in fraud a year. These types of crimes cannot be handled by the average police department for many reasons, but the main reason is they don’t have the means or knowledge to track down the perpetrator.

Because of this, many colleges are now offering a cybersecurity degree. As cybersecurity is a relatively new field compared to normal criminal study, there are not many qualified professionals in the workforce. A cybersecurity degree will prepare students to protect business infrastructures in order to keep private data private and safe from prying hands. A degree in the field could lead to a job as a database manager, a computer system analyst, information systems manager, or even with the FBI or CIA.

Anyone can be on the front lines of keeping everyone safe online. If Internet technology or security interest you, getting a cybersecurity degree could be right up your alley. Many schools offer the courses online, allowing you to take the classes at your convenience instead of working your schedule around class times at a campus. Take your career to another level and help keep the online world safe!

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