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Online Security: Protecting Your Reputation

means more than protecting your PC from viruses and keeping your personal data safe. It also means protecting your online reputation. If you have a website, use a social networking page such as or Facebook, or have a blog, you owe it to yourself to protect the content and ensure that everything on the sites you control is accurate and reflects you as you want others to see you.

Here are a few guidelines on what you might not want to put on your personal blog or MySpace page:

1) Avoid publishing pictures or confessions of you doing illegal activities. I know this one sounds obvious, but it never hurts to put a little reminder out there. Many employers are now trolling the social networking sites when would-be employees apply for jobs. They are looking to see if a potential new hire will positively or negatively affect their image as a company if they hire you. Would you hire someone who confesses to be drunk and out partying all night and every weekend?

2) Avoid libel. The Internet has turned everyone into potential publishers. Anything you put online will remain online in one database or hard drive somewhere, even if you take the original page offline. Be sure you keep your comments and opinions clearly denoted as your opinion and that they cannot be taken as false statements or attempts to defame people, companies, or their products.

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3) Be aware of what personal information you make available online. Your online presence should reflect a level of professionalism that is distinct from your personal life. Giving out your real name, a phone number, or an address can lead to unwanted attention from strangers or identity theft. Carelessly giving our private information online is a major mistake no one can afford to make.

4) Use the search engines to view the web content similar to yours. This is market research of a minor form and you can use it to ensure your content is associated with the people and products you’d be proud to be seen with.

5) Be aware that plagiarism exists and be prepared to deal with it. Learn the and how they protect you. Once your content goes online it can be taken and used elsewhere without your permission very easily. Keep an eye out for keywords and content that you feel is being used without your permission or in a way you do not appreciate. Ask the plagiarist to take the content down or contact the web master for assistance.

The Internet is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get content online and viewable by the largest audience possible. However, as I’ve stated before, it is a double-edged sword if you are unprepared. Learn the tricks to keep your personal data and your content safe. The things you do, publish, and are associated with will influence how others see you. You have to work hard to make sure the image you want projected is visible at all times.

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  2. By Corona on Jul 22, 2008 | Reply

    Facebook is horrible, I honestly wish it never existed. Speaking on behalf of teenage culture, it gives them a stronger view of conformity. Don’t you miss the days when you weren’t completely exposed? when you didn’t have to broadcast yourself in the way that you would like others to see you by taking good pictures and pretending that you are famous? people in the days that were prefacebook survived fine socially and in my personal opinion, experienced less pressure and more curiosity and more personal relationships with the people that they were actually interested in having relationships with, instead of the massive web of people in their lives dating down to elementary school (some that they don’t even want to know or see again). We are basically giving people permission to act nosey and look into our lives, which can be enjoyable but is seriously a waste of time if you think about it.

    FACEBOOK SUCKS !!! and I know that I sound self-righteous, annoying, and antisocial, but I have had facebook for quite a while and have begin to realize that it has only made me more insecure and addicted to something so empty. I’m so tired of this and need to express my opinion. If you think about, facebook is manly a teenage glorified website, and my generation are getting worse in terms of being self absorbed and basing life on ignorant gossip.

    Well, if anyone sees this and remotely understands, comments are appreciated :)

  3. By Computer Forum on Jul 27, 2008 | Reply

    Amazing! That article was wonderful to ready, so interesting. I will tell my friends about your blog.

  4. By cicekci on Nov 23, 2008 | Reply

    Information for sharing thank you very much success

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